Regardless of what you may think after seeing Astrid’s Wordless Wednesday photo, she is partial to the table in the photos below. It is next to the front door and abuts a window from which to survey the front porch, yard and street. It also is a perfect place to hide from her housemates. Often, if I cannot find Astrid, I will discover she is snuggled into the back corner against the wall.


Image 14-001


Mauricio also fancies this table for the first reason. He does NOT hide from any cat or human. He is the most in-your-face cat with whom we have shared our lives. As Astrid loves her big brother and can be a bit of a pest where he is concerned, she always is perfectly happy to have him join her.


Doozy Snoozy Failed


It was evident that this was heading toward a dual snooze until I started snapping photos.


Doozy Snoozy Failed


Doozy Snoozy Failed


Snoozy Doozy Failed


I apologize that the evidence of the failed Doozy of a Snoozy is blurry. Astrid was in motion.


Doozy Snoozy Failed


This table includes some treasured mementoes, including the enameled Russian egg, which when opened displays a replica of St. Basils. You will also notice one of Quint’s (Colehaus Cats) paintings on the easel. Some unconfessed cat knocked the stained glass lamp to the floor one time when we were out of town, but the items on the table have never been turned into the muddled mess Astrid made of the photo display.

I suspect Astrid had some ulterior motive when she chose the photo frames for her napping spot. Though she knocked over and set many photos on edge, all but one of those turned face down are of angel kitties.

I don’t know where I might find Astrid next, but if it is an unusual spot or if she is looking particularly adorable, you know I will share with all of you.