Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

If you are unfamiliar with Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, it was the idea of dear friend and now angel, Sammy. And though Sammy is now at the Bridge, he continues to write a poem each week and transmit it to his brother, Teddy, to post.

To inspire those who participate, Sammy and Teddy provide us with a photo each week. Here’s this week’s photo.



This photo made be totally dizzy, which was the additional inspiration for today’s poem.


Don’t Look Down

I don’t like heights; I’m not superwoman.
I’ll never leap buildings in a single bound.
I prefer to keep my feet always on the ground.
To look down, my courage I’d need to summon,
As just this photo makes me absolutely queasy
And keeping down my breakfast won’t be easy.
I bet lots of others and I have this fear in common
And know from the edge it is past time to retreat,
As taxis have become little yellow ants in the street.
I suspect some people may find this view awesome.
I give then high marks for being brave and strong
But on the rooftops is not where I belong.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 11/28/2018

If you’d like to take part in Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, read Angel Sammy’s poem (always a masterpiece) or find links to other poetry (in the Comments), click on the badge above.

Thankful Thursday

Mom is thankful for getting a refurbished part for her computer yesterday, so we can limp along until next week when a new one arrives at the repair shop.

Mom and Dad are super thankful that the slab for our addition will be poured tomorrow (weather permitting). Paws crossed!

Dad is thankful for the cool badge from Two Spoiled Cats for being the Guest Teaser this week. He provided a photo of Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy. His visit there was the inspiration for his and Mom’s naming of Giulietta.


Finally, Sawyer wants to thank everyone who stopped by and left comments on his Gotcha Day.

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