Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Mom Pam gave us a challenging, inspiration photo this week for our poem. We are hoping she, Teddy and angel Sammy won’t be too offended when they see we’ve altered the photo just a wee bit. In fact, we hope it will give the three of them and all of you a giggle or two. Maybe Mom Sharon (Friends Furever) will even snort Diet Coke out her nose.


Dinosaur Rodeo with Cooper Murphy


Dinosaur Rodeo

Have you ever been to a dinosaur rodeo?
We swear they are lots of fun
But be careful of those big feet,
Or you might get squashed like a bug.

There’s Velociraptor racing,
And Brontosaurus riding,
Iquanodon roping,
And Megalosaurus wrestling.

You’ll need a good imagination
Or your very own time machine
To travel to the Mesozoic era
And join the rodeo scene.

But first grab a lasso,
Your cowboy boots and hat,
A dinosaur prod will come in handy
And don’t forget the snacks.

Dinosaur wrangling isn’t easy.
You must be brave and strong.
But trust us, you’ll have a blast.
Just be careful; you can’t go wrong.

© Cooper Murphy Blue 05/09/2018

If you like poetry, pop on over to Two Spoiled Cats, by clicking on the poetry badge. Each week, angel Sammy transmits a terrific poem from the Rainbow Bridge. It’s always a must read. You’ll also find poems in the comments as well as links to other blogs sharing poetry.

Thankful Thursday

As we do each Thursday, we also are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. We are delighted and grateful to have so many wonderful, caring and supportive blogging friends.


We also are excited and thankful to have received these two badges from the Tuesday Teaser (also hosted by Two Spoiled Cats) this week. Kitties Blue were the First to Comment and didn’t have to share this honor with anyone else. And, though not first, thanks to Dad Tom, we guessed the locale, (Lima, Peru) correctly.

If you’d like to join the hop, click on the Thankful Thursday badge.