Fiona and Giulietta’s Vet Visit

I’d like to apologize to Mom Ellen (15AndMeowing) and Mom Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) for not pawticipating in Friendly Fill-Ins his week. Mom is allowing Giulietta and me to write this post about our visit yesterday to Dr. Neel. That’s right, Giulietta had to come with me. She wasn’t happy, but it was nice to have the company. We were able to serenade the humans with some nice duets on the way there and home.

But enough of this preamble. I know you are all waiting for my report. In a nutshell…it stinks! Mom mentioned in a post a few days ago that she thought I was puny. She was right.

Though not good, my BUN had gone down a bit last month. I was not so fortunate this time. It has jumped up 29 points to 158. That’s the highest since my diagnosis last December when it was 157. Though, I have been eating the K/D kibble and getting my phosphorus binder, my phosphorous jumped way up as well. And I lost a half of a pound. All-in-all, not a good report.

I believe that I am probably on the downhill slide and losing the battle against the CKD. Nonetheless, I am happy (except for having to get subQ fluids five days per week and taking yucky medications), not in any pain and love being doted on by Mom and Dad.

Dr. Neel is quite surprised and pleased that I haven’t gotten my wings yet. She says that most kitties with numbers as high as mine were at diagnosis only survive a few months. Mom is praying that I can make it through the upcoming holidays. I am going to give it my best effort.

Before I turn this post over to Giulietta, here is our photo from the exam room. We were totally chill for the entire hour we were there. I am not too sure why we were ignoring each other.


Fiona and Giulietta at the vet.


Anyhoo…I sure could use some purrs, prayers and POTP if you don’t mind.

Thanks, purrs and paw-pats, Fiona

Wow that girl can go on and on. But please do send some good thoughts her way. I love her very much and will be terribly lonely when she leaves us.

So, I had to see Dr. Neel today as I have been having litter box issues again. I’ve also developed hyperesthesia and licked off some of my booty furs. Mom thought both issues were probably stress-related since my sis is sick. She had inspected me for fleas and flea dirt to rule that out as a reason. She couldn’t find any. When I went to the back at the vet to have my pedicure and a bit of lady-scaping in my nether regions, Dr. Neel found a flea. She brought me back to the exam room and turned me over. Mom saw a flea on my tummy. (When Fiona and I got home, we all had Advantage applied.) We’re hoping that will take care of most of my issues.

For me the worst part of the visit was the weigh-in. Like any lady, I refuse to tell my weight. I have, however, gained two pounds since April. I swear I don’t eat too much. It’s just that I eat calming food, and it has a tendency to make us kitties gain weight. I am now being put on a diet. Mom and Dad will be phasing in a new food that is supposed to have calming effects as well as be lower in calories.

I also need to get more exercise. I have never been interested in playing. I’ll pawticipate in a play session for a couple of minutes, but I am more of a spectator. Mom has ordered me a harness, and it looks like I’ll be taking walks once I get accustomed to it. Pffft! I’m not fat, I’m just a bit zoftig and super floofy.

So that’s my tale of woe. Not so bad when I think about my sis.

Thanks for visiting us. Please pray for my sisfur.

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta