We are having a Flashback Friday this week, but it’s not of a long ago post. It is a flashback to some baby photos. We just got our paws on them after our foster mom, Xan, posted them on Facebook. These are just three of the bunch.


Astrid and Lisbeth baby photos


Did you recognize us? We were pretty cute, don’tcha think? Mom’s fairly certain the Astrid photo is the one she fell in love with on PetFinder. It was those little kissable lips that grabbed at her heart.

As y’all know, we are no longer friends. It makes our mom so sad. She’d like all of us Kitties Blue to like each other and be a nice little family. It ain’t gonna happen…EVER! She and Dad will have to content themselves with us loving them.

As Mom types this, six of us are hunkered down in bed with both Dad and her. By the time you read this, the snow that is coming probably will have started to bury our little city. We are in the center of the area where power is most likely to be lost. That means no heated floors or any other heat for that matter. That’s why we’ve staked out our places on the bed and only plan to get up for meals.

If you are in the path of Jonas (That’s the name of this monster storm.) we hope you have hunkered down as well. Tell your humans to stay indoors where they can remain safe and warm. It’s going to be a great day or two to curl up and cuddle with you.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid and Lisbeth

p.s. Fiona asked us to thank everyone for the continued purrs, prayers, POTP and good wishes. This is the most wonderful community of caring and loving individuals.

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