Sunday Selfies: Week #155

A few weeks ago, Lily Olivia joined a group of senior lady cats, the Crotchety Cougars. They have a signature red hat to wear. It was made by member Phoebe’s mom, Ellen (15AndMeowing). When I attempted to get Lily to wear it and take some photos, she was totally uncooperative. If you missed the post, “Lily Olivia is a Crotchety Cougar,” you can see it here.

Today, when Lily Olivia seemed in a bit of a mellow mood, I plopped her hat on her head and asked her to take a selfie. She used the phone and snapped off three photos. I was stunned by how agreeable she was, after all she is a Crotchety Cougar.


Lily Olivia models her Crotchety Cougars red hat for Sunday Selfies.

Lily Olivia's grumpy expression is appropriate for a Crotchety Cougar.


As you can see, she is wearing her usual grumpy expression along with her red hat. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

If you are a senior lady cat, of at least 15 years of age, and would enjoy belonging to the Crotchety Cougars, contact Kali of The Canadian Cats.

Now that Lily has shown you her selfie, it is time for you to add yours to this week’s blog hop. All anipals are welcome (domestic or wild) regardless of species. And you can join the hop anytime through Thursday. We know some of you don’t post on Sundays. The link to add your photo is below.

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I had planned to announce the winner of our comment-a-thon here today. Unfortunately I have not heard back from that person and so will not post the information today. I want to know to which shelter/rescue we will be sending our $80 donation prior to the announcement. As soon as I know, I will share here.

Enjoy an Easy Sunday!