Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

I truly had fun with this week’s inspiration photo provided by Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats. The photo now includes all nine of the Kitties Blue, and I wrote a fantastical poem to accompany it.

I am not certain that even a cat could land on its feet if it fell from such an extreme height.


Crazy, adventurous cats: Black and White Photo of steel works having lunch on a girder way above the city with nine cats on their laps.

L – R: Cooper Murphy, Lisbeth, Kizmet, Misty May, Astrid, Audrey, Raleigh, Sawyer & Calista Jo


Nine Crazy Adventurous Cats

When the steelworkers heard it was take your cat to work day
All but two agreed that participating would be okay.
But the two only dissented as neither had a cat—
One was allergic, the other had a pet rat.
They decided to have the visit on their lunch break
To distract the felines by some cheese and steak.
Kitties were hoisted to the beam one by one
Until each was seated with their human.
We won’t pretend no fur was shed
Or that their sharp claws they did not embed
Into the skin of their humans and each other!
None of the tough men, however, did it bother.
They enjoyed introducing their feline friends
And telling tales of there playful weekends.
But after lunch it was time for the kitties to go.
They were lowered to the sidewalk ever so slow
Where they waited until quitting time in their baskets
To return home for cuddles and kitty treat biscuits!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 9/14/2022

I hope you had a laugh while reading this. It is a terribly far-fetched idea!

As you can see, poetry is lots of fun to write. I really think you should give it a try if you haven’t already.

Check out Two Spoiled Cats for next week’s inspiration photo by clicking on the poetry badge. When you visit, please take time to read Angel Sammy’s poem. He transmits it to Teddy from the Bridge, and he is a masterful wordsmith!

Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue and I have a very long list of thankfuls this week and will be joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop over at Brian’s Home.

Firstly, I am particularly thankful that after the host for The Cat on My Head broke our site, we were only down 20 hours and our site has been restored. Maintenance and an update of our host’s servers were scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, during that process, our site started throwing out “critical error” messages, and neither I or any of you were able to access it. If you missed reading “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky” yesterday, your two favorite cartoon tabbies hope you’ll click the link to that post at the bottom of this one.

Sawyer has two terrific thankfuls this week. He’s been seizure-free for 22 days, which is fantastic. But his second thankful is an even bigger accomplishment. His “story” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming anthology, Purrserverance, being compiled and edited by author and fellow blogger, Sierra Koester, from Fur Everywhere. He tells about his ordeal with regard to his seizures as well as his unauthorized walkabout.

I am thankful that my injured knee is finally improving after a cortisone injection. I’ve been able to slowly begin riding Peloton again and get around with my cane instead of my walker. I also have an appointment next month to get a second opinion on getting a knee replacement—something my current orthopedist is reluctant to do.

The Kitties Blue and I are always thankful for your support, following and friendship.

If you’d like to participate in Brian’s blog hop, enter the URL from his badge in your browser.