Friendly Fill-Ins Week #202

Time to do some filling in for the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop hosted by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs). Kitties Blue passed off all four fill-ins to me this week. I have used teal italics for my completions.

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1. April is a good time to work in your garden. It is a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do while practicing social distancing.coronavirus

2.This time last year, we didn’t have to worry about contracting this awful virus.

3. I am determined to stay healthy.

4. I have no intention of not following the CDC’s and our Governor’s directions when it comes to the Coronavirus.

I hate that all my fill-ins are about the Coronavirus, but it is almost impossible to think about anything else. Binge watching Amazon Prime in the evenings and reading during the day is keeping us from seeing as much of the news as we had been, but it cannot erase from my mind what is happening outside our front door.

Feline Friday



Cooper Murphy is sharing another of the photos from his peacock feather playtime. He is also joining the Feline Friday blog hop at Comedy Plus. To join in the feline frenzy, click on the badge below.