Feline Friday

This Feline Friday is super special, as we are celebrating a super special feline—our very own Cooper Murphy.

Five years ago today, we brought home a 12.1-pound cat, from the snow and our friends front porch. We spent several days trying to find his people with no luck. It became obvious that he had been “dumped.” Here are links to three of the first posts about him.

There are some other posts from that same time period. You can find links to them on the bottoms of the three listed.

And here’s an early photo, which I don’t believe I have ever posted.


Party Time

Angel Mau baked a cake for Cooper in his bakery at the Bridge and sent it down on a cloud. he did a great job making cake that looks a whole lot like his brofur. Ah shucks, we can’t tell a lie. Cooper had the same cake last year. What can we say other than it suits him purrfectly!

We also have some noms and drinks. Please help yourself and stay as long as you like.