Meowin’ Like a Pirate



Kitties Blue, except Cooper Murphy, are old hands hooks at celebrating Meowin’ Like a Pirate Day. Cooper was excited when he heard he would get an official pirate’s name. And here it is: Nick “Captain Of Rats” Scar, “The Scurvy Dog of Nowhere Key!” He’s furry happy with that “Captain of Rats” moniker.

Of course, the remainder of us already have pirate names:

Lily Olivia: Sal “Tall Tide” Seamen, “The Bounty of Ape Bay!”

Astrid: Opal “Voodoo” Murphy, “The Fury of Rum Atoll!”

Mauricio: Dick “Shivers” Welch, “The Serpent of Locker Island!”

Misty May: Sadie “Toothy Grin” Jamieson, “The Captain of Seaweed Bay!”

Giulietta: Georgette “Parrot Charmer” Dunkin, “The Stranded Sailor of Seastar Reef!”

Lisbeth: Bella “Parrot Charmer” Trembles, “The Poison Claw of Rogue’s Bay!”

Calista Josette: Betty “Fair Wind” Dunkin, “The Demon of Mango Cove!”

We actually have a new galleon this year, The Blue Fancy. We’ve already been out on the open seas pillaging and plundering and have a chest full of doubloons. Unfortunately, Lisbeth lost a paw during our marauding and now has a hook. We’re all staying out of her way. We don’t think we can defend ourselves against that even if we sharpen our claws.


For Meowin' Like a Pirate Day, Kitties Blue have a new galleon: The Blue Fancy.


We are sailing across the ocean to Speedy’s place for his annual Pirate Party. It’s arrrgh-ubly the bestest party of the year. You don’t want to be walkin’ the plank or hangin’ from the yardarm for missing it. We better leave now if we are going to make it on time.

Ahoy, ye scurvy scalawags!