Sunday Selfies: Week #132

Today is a very special Sunday Selfies blog hop, as it is two hops in one. But more about that shortly.

First I need to show you my selfie. I took this while I was on the top of the cat tree. I got myself centered very well, but unfortunately the photo is a bit blurry. I think I jiggled the iPhone when I snapped it. I also had the left side of my face lit from the window, while the right remains dark and muddy. Guess I need lots more practice. Hope you like it anyway.


ginger tabby Cooper Murphy


So…the reason this is a special Sunday Selfies blog hop is that we are combining it with the hop welcoming Teddy Kimmell to the world of blogging. Teddy is Angel Sammy’s new, 11-month-old, baby brother. Like Sammy and me, he is a ginger tabby. That’s why I am hosting our blog hop today. Mau has always thought of Sammy as his best friend (after all he was Mau’s best man when Mau and Allie were married), and now I plan to make Teddy my best friend. I sure hope lots of you will decide do the same. Teddy and I will be having a big, joint announcement on his birthday (March 4), so stay tuned to both blogs. You won’t want to miss it.

Our beloved Angel Sammy will continue to blog from his cloud, and Teddy will join him…onespoiledcat is now TWOspoiledcats. That can only mean at least two things—double the fun and double the trouble. Hmm…do you think that also will mean double the bacon?

So here’s how this is going to work. After posting your Sunday Selfie here, we’d like you to hop over to Dory’s Backyard and repost your selfie or another photo to welcome Teddy. You might even want to write a welcoming post. Here are some suggestions for posts from Madi.

1. Give Teddy advice on being the new kit in the house.
2. Tell Teddy something funny/mischievous/or cute you did when you were a new kit/pup.
3. Tell Teddy how to pull the wool over his peeps’ eyes.
4. Write him a poem.
5. Or anything that would make you feel welcomed if you were a new kit or pup!


Here’s the info for Teddy’s blog hop, which was organized by Raz (Friends Furever) and Raz’s gal, Madi (Madi and Mom). Click here to go to Dory’s Backyard, then click on Hoppity Hops on the menu bar and scroll down until you find Teddy’s blog hop. Add the link to your post. We sure hope to see lots of you there.

Now to finish up with Sunday Selfies. To join our hop, use the link below. And to share the hop on your post, snag the code below. If you would please be so kind as to add our badge to your post and/or link back to The Cat on My Head, all the Kitties Blue will be forever grateful.



 Purrs and paw-pats, ginger tabby Cooper Murphy