If you follow my blog, you know that Lily Olivia is not a fan of her feline housemates and vice versa. She’s always hissing and growling. They are always hot on her heels as she runs from their imminent attacks.

But for some unknown reason, she and Lisbeth have never acted in this manner toward each other. Lily Olivia eats on the kitchen counter next to the sink. If any of the other kitties, except Lisbeth, get up on the counter, she has a meltdown and one or both sets to whapping the other. However, if Lisbeth encroaches, Lily either ignores her or they touch noses and have a brief sniff.

Lily Olivia and Lisbeth asleep.

Lily Olivia and Lisbeth asleep together.

But last night was a first! They were sound asleep, not just next to each other but touching. I am sure neither of them knew to whom they were snuggled against. And granted, they were lying back-to-back, but it was still a sight to behold.

To Lisbeth, of course, it wouldn’t matter which of the others had curled up next to her. To Lily, who knows? But as Lily Olivia normally only snuggles with her humans, we suspect that she sensed her sleep-mate was Lisbeth.

Is this the dawn of a new era? Is Lily Olivia making a friend after 14 years? Lily is the bridge between the angel kitties and our current feline population. The only one of our previous kits she didn’t know was Twinkle. And so, until Lisbeth, Twinkle was the only cat of the 16 others with whom she never had a disagreement.

Another view of the sleepers.

Another view of the sleepers.

Lily does seem to be mellowing with age. You can read about this in an earlier post, What Happened to Lily ‘s Naturally Snotty Personality?” She displayed this newly acquired confidence and goodwill again last night, not only by her sleeping position, but also by the fact that when she woke up and saw Lisbeth was her bed-mate, she simply moved a few inches away and curled up in the opposite direction. She didn’t huff, hiss, snarl, growl, bark or exhibit any of her normally anti-social behavior. To that I say, “Yippee!”

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