Sunday Selfies: Week #86

I need to whisper ’cause I am exhausted and can hardly think or talk. I have been at Cat Scouts most of the day. Mom says she has a head and butt ache from all the Questing. I did great on the actual Quest part, but I was a last minute sub for our Patrol, Wolverines, in the Knowledge Bowl. I had volunteered to be an alternate. It seemed as if another Scout was ready to go so I let Mom drink wine at dinner. Epic mistake. I hit the ground running and then fizzled. I was too slow reading the questions, and the thumbed one was too slow typing.

But it’s all good. The goals of Scouts are to have fun, make friends and learn new things. I did all of those today. I am in the bestest patrol with the most supportive Scouts. I love them all. I am indeed a lucky cat; though, a very tired one. If you aren’t a Cat Scout, you really should consider joining. There’s a link above.

With all that off my chest, here’s my selfie.


Mau has to whisper today.


Cat4-001That’s all I have to say today, except, I hope you’ll join us in our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. And please invite your friends. If you enter regularly, you know how much fun it is. Share that, okay? And please feel free to display the hop on your blog. The code is below. Mom just asks that you display our badge and/or link to The Cat on My Head. Please try to take the time to visit some of the other bloggers hopping. You know making new friends is oodles of fun.

That’s it for me. Night all!

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio

p.s. My sisfurs and I will be able to start visiting more later today and next week.