Sunday Selfies: Week #412

When you see today’s selfie, you may think it is Sawyer recovering from a seizure. But it isn’t. It’s me, Kizmet.



I like to turn towels, afghans, blankets and any other warm item into a cocoon. This afghan off the back of my dad’s chair, however, is my favorite. So, it seemed like an excellent place to snap my selfie for today. It doesn’t matter that we are having a hot, hot summer with oodles of humidity. I will even cocoon on the catio in a tarp Mom has there.

If you missed my towel cocoon photo, I look totally adorable in it. You can see that photo at “Do You Need This?”.

I asked Mom to make another puzzle, since I think this is such a sweet photo. I sure hope you enjoy completing it.

preview132pieceSleepy Cat Selfie

Hopping Along

Now it’s your turn to snap a selfie and join our hop. You know you want to show off just how cute you are. And my fursibs and all your friends want to opportunity to “ooh” and “aah” when they see you. Cute animals make people happy, and we all know our humans could use a lot more happiness in their lives. So, please participate! If it’s inconvenient for you do join today or if you don’t post on Sundays, you have the opportunity to join the hop anytime before midnight Thursday! See…you have no reason not to join!

Newest Angel: Little Binky

It is with heavy hearts we say good-bye to friend and regular hopper, Little Binky, from AngelsWhisper2011.



Little Binky lived in Holland with her granny and grandpaw. In a few months she would have celebrated her 20th birthday. She was a true sweetheart and famous for handing out pawkisses. Her granny wrote the most beautiful memorial post for her. If you haven’t visited and left your condolences, click on Little Binky’s photo to do so.

Little Binky spent lots of time enjoying her beautiful garden, so my mom thought a bed a flowers was the purrfect background for this memorial.

Little Binky, we will miss you but know we will all meet again. Until that time comes, you are with all our angel fursibs and angel friends and well looked after. Sending you pawkisses.

Purrs & paw-pats, Kizmet