Crazy for Christmas Cat

Christmas Crazy Cat: Tuxedo cat sitting on stairs beneath a Christmas garland hung with faux apples.

Daphne feigns disinterest.

Daphne was the third cat to join our household, and she was crazy for Christmas. When she was a youngster, I hung apple ornaments from the garland wound around the bannister. She would spend hours batting at and removing the apples so she could play with them on the hardwood floors. For a few years, I would continually replace the apples after she removed them. And each year I would buy new apples, as they inevitably cracked and lost their paint when they hit the floor. Eventually, I gave up and threw them away as the whole process became exceedingly tedious.

Christmas Crazy Cat: Tuxedo cat stands on hind legs on stairs batting at a faux red apple hung from Christmas garland.

Daphne caught in the act.


It has been at least two decades since I have hung apples from the garland, but every year as I am decorating the stairs, Dad Tom asks me if I am going to attach the apples. I know he does this to tease me, but I also know he enjoyed the game between human and cat and would love to watch a whole new caboodle of cats doing just as Daphne once had.

Daphne also enjoyed waiting for her holiday fan mail. She would take up residence in our Christmas mailbox, created by Tom’s sister, Bonnie, and wait to be swamped by her greetings of love and adoration. Of course, she wasn’t opposed to the fact that her nest was atop a nice warm radiator.


Christmas Crazy Cat: Tuxedo cat sitting in a painted letter box adorned with a giant panda.

Daphne waiting for her fan mail.


Christmas Crazy Cat: Tuxedo cat under a Christmas tree tangled in red ribbon with a brown tabby cat looking on.

Daphne begins unwrapping gifts early while Steamer watches.


Update: 12/10/2023: For the past few years I have been hanging small stuffed angel bears from the garland. A few are removed by Kitties Blue each year, but so far none in 2023. And we still use that same letter box. You can see it behind one of our Christmas trees in the post, “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky: Part CCXIV.”