Caturday Art

It is week two for our Christmas-themed Caturday Art. Today’s art features Kizmet and Raleigh. Kizmet is on the upper right and looks as if she’s a head without a body. The two were on a ladder staring through the window of the closed door to the sun porch where the Christmas tree, which is off limits to the cats, resides.


Two cats in a Christmas-themed, red and green holiday portrait.


To create today’s art, I used the Blinking Tree effect from Painnt, changed the hue, bumped up the saturation slightly and added the Lomo filter. As usual, the border is from the favpng app.

I did create a puzzle.

preview96pieceChristmas Cats

Raleigh and Kizmet will be hopping with Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you’d like to do the same or just find links to art from your fellow bloggers, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Christmas is just over two weeks away, which I cannot wrap my mind around. Even more unbelievable is the fact that we will soon be bidding farewell to 2022. Including tomorrow, there are only three more Sundays in the year. We’ve now been hosting this hop for more than eight years. Kitties Blue and I appreciate the support of all those who have joined us throughout the years as well as those of you who are new to the hop.

We love to see your sweet, furry faces each week and hope you’ll join us again tomorrow. I’ll be adding a bit of holiday decoration to your host’s selfie and invite you to do the same if you wish. Enjoy your Caturday, and we’ll see you tomorrow.