Lily Tocktober

Lily Olivia

Mom was following us around all day trying to take photos of our backsides…how rude! We’d forgotten all about this Tocktober nonsense. She misses so many impawtant things, like Feral Cat Day and the recent blogosphere trip to Niagara Falls. Why oh why couldn’t she forget about this horrible tradition? If we took photos of her backend, we know those photos would never see the light of day. MOL!

The youngsters were able to avoid her or at least keep their butts tilted downward.

So who got nailed for this demeaning celebration? I did, Lily Olivia. At my age, I should not be subjected to this humiliation. I should be treated with respect and dignity. But I was tricked. Dad started giving me chin scritches. To show my appreciation, I put my tail up in a happy cat pose. Before I knew what was happening, Mom was snapping photos. I should have thwacked her with my tail, but it was too late. The deed was done.

For me, it is not as mortifying. I have nice fluffy tocks so I can display myself without too much embarrassment.

Mau Tockttober


Mauricio, on the other hand, was “X” rated until Mom gave him a little cover-up. Even so, if you could see beneath his furs, you would see that he was blushing.

She thought she was doing us a favor by using these cute paw print frames, claiming they would distract you from focusing on our unmentionables. I’m sure you’ll agree, however, that she just drew more attention to them.

The only saving grace is that her pitiful photography produced a fuzzy photo of me and a big black blob for Mauricio.

Oh yeah, and she sprinkled a few puns into this post. Even more embarrassing! Like she thinks that will make up for treating us so shabbily. If you don’t pick up on them, don’t feel too badly. They are super lame.

Happy Tocktober to all who are celebrating today! Know that we share in your shame and distain for this “holiday.”

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia

p.s. We’d like to start a petition to protest this exploitation of cats through feline pornography. Let us know if you would like to sign.