In the center of today’s art, you should be able to see an abstract, one-eyed, black cat.




It was serendipity that a kitty showed up as part of today’s Caturday Art. As I am always delighted by serendipitous events and as serendipity is my favorite word, I was delighted to see this cat appear while editing the photo in Picasa.

I was tempted not to reveal the original photo and ask for guesses as to the subject. But I decided not to be a tease and let you see it.




The original photo shows rocks along the water’s edge of our favorite beach on Tortola. Tom took the photo, and I find all the natural shapes, colors and textures to be more beautiful than my creation. Regardless, I am always anxious to particpate in the Caturday Art project so I can explore my creativity and imagination.

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Please join us tomorrow for our special Mother’s Day Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We will have our second guest host, who will be sharing the limelight with her offspring. Maybe some of you will want to include your mom in your selfie.

See you tomorrow. Have a most excellent Caturday.