I am featuring Astrid again today as a gift for her boyfriend Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) for the lovely photos his mom, Emily, made for us as well as a thank you for the Pounce Treats and fun plastic egg treat holders Sampson sent her.

I created this using AdornPic and did nothing more than add the frame and slightly change the saturation, hue and contrast on the photo to give more depth to Astrid’s fur color.

We are joining Athena Cat Goddess’ Caturday Art Blog Hop again this week. Click on the graphic to join or view the other submissions.

As a head’s up to all our blog friends: I have had to erase the hard drive on my computer and try to re-install everything. Though I backed up the commuter immediately prior to erasing, many things seem to have disappeared or are hiding after the re-install. Currently, I cannot get any of my photos back onto the computer. I have just gotten e-mail working again and Mauricio back into Cat Scouts.

While, I am dealing with the current situation, the kitties may not be visiting or commenting as much as usual. Please forgive them. I hope to have things back to normal sooner than later, but I am not holding my breath so please don’t hold yours!