Our art for today is a little unconventional. Rather than manipulating one of the kitty’s blurry photos, I am sharing the Valentine portraits of those attending special activities.

Fiona and Giulietta will be attending the Mayor of Blogville’s Valentine Dance with their date Clooney (Clooney’s Num-Num Fund). They will be joining the Blog Hop at Murphy and Stanley.




Astrid, Lisbeth, Mauricio and Misty May will be attending the Cat Scouts Hearts and Flowers Dance.


Astrid and her boyfriend, Cat Scout Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles)



Lisbeth and her boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles



Cat Scouts and girlfriend/boyfriend, Allie (Friends Furever) and Mau



Misty May and her date, Spitty (Spitty Speaks)


We are participating in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. To see the other submissions or enter one of you own, click on their badge.

We will be hosting our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop tomorrow by sharing the Valentines Astrid, Lisbeth and Mauricio made for their significant others. We look forward to you joining us with a Valentine-themed or any other selfie. Last Sunday we had 55 submissions (including our own). This was only three less than our best week. We are so thankful for all of you that have embraced this blog hop and join us each week. You are great friends and supporters.

Some of you have had difficulty adding your selfie to the blog hop. If this is the case, leave a note in your comment with the URL for your post, and I will enter your photo for you.

Sending best wishes to all of you for a Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Cat on My Head. See you back here tomorrow.