Silhouette with Astrid and Squirrel


Today’s art piece was changed little from the original photo. I added the boarder, sharpened the photo slightly and added a small amount of saturation. It was already a silhouette. If you look very closely, however, you can see Astrid’s eye.

Astrid, who had avoided the catio for a very long time has been enjoying it lately on occasion. Friday, when this photo was taken, she spent about six hours there.

As usual, we are participating in Athena Cat Goddess’ Caturday Art Blog Hop. To enter or view the other submissions at Athena and Marie, click on the badge.


Thanks to all of you who entered our little contest yesterday to identify kitty paws as part of Show Your Paw Day. Only one entrant identified all the paws correctly. Many of you mixed up the tuxie paws of Mauricio, Lisbeth and Misty May, and most of you mixed up Fiona and Giulietta. I purposely picked a less-floofy photo of Giulietta’s paw but still was surprised that I fooled most of you.

Here’s the order of the paws: 1) Lily Olivia, 2) Calista Jo, 3) Mauricio, 4) Misty May, 5) Astrid, 6) Giulietta, 7) Fiona and 8) Lisbeth.

So who is the winner, you ask? It was the fourth guesser, Furries of Whisppy. We know one of the prizes will be some of our primo, homegrown catnip. We’ll let the Furries and everyone else know tomorrow what else will be included in the prize package. Astrid and Lisbeth have instructed me that I must find something extra special for their look-a-likes, Tutu and Boomer, and all their varied housemates.

Instead of our usual Easy Like Sunday post, I have something different planned for tomorrow. Hope you’ll return to see what I have planned.  It’s pretty cute!