As we celebrated Lily Olivia’s 15th birthday yesterday, I thought it would be nice to feature her today as a kitten and share just a bit of her story.*

I always say that I liberated Lily Olivia, as opposed to rescued. Lily and her four litter mates were born and lived about two blocks from us. We watched them for several weeks playing in the street at a busy intersection. We would try to coax them onto the sidewalk when we were on our evening walk. One day, we noticed there were no longer five kittens but only four.

At the same time, a friend was looking for a kitten. One night, after dark, the two of us took some small morsels of meat and drove the two blocks to the kittens’ location. We found them playing in the alley. A small trail of meat to the car door, and Parker, a male tabby, was on his way to his forever home.

During all this time, I had been making friends with the kittens and giving them Pounce cat treats each night when we walked. I was falling more and more in love with the darling little calico in the group. One night I invited her and the two remaining tabbies to follow us home and started running in that direction. They followed with little prompting.

A call to Parker’s new mom, and the two tabby boys, to be named Winston and Sebastian, rejoined their brother. And the little calico became our Lily Olivia.

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* The last couple of weeks, I have used this hop to display and tell you about cats from our past, and I will continue to do so in the future.