As usual, I got a little carried away when creating this week’s Caturday Art. Somehow I just cannot stop tinkering once I start.

Calista Jo is the subject for the second week in a row. She is showing her signature dangle that she does quite often when napping on the Catio railing. You can see another example of it in the Wordless Wednesday post, entitled, “The Dangle.”

Caturday Art  Dangle

Once again, I stuck with my normal photo editing program, Picasa. I started by adding the posterize filter. Next came the HDR-ish followed by adding a flesh-tone tint. After that I bumped the saturation to about 95 percent and finally sharpened the image by about 40 percent.

Calista Jo DangleI always like to show the original, unedited photo. If I’d used this in another post it would have needed some editing to brighten it as it looks a little muddy here. And, of course, I would crop it as I did with the one above.

The tip of Calista’s tail disappears in both photos due to it’s dark color. I had hoped to define it better when I “sharpened” the art photo, but was unable to do so.


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Hope to see you tomorrow for our Sunday Selfie.