Giulietta Crayoned Floofiness

I never expected that I could turn a somewhat blurry photo of a solid grey cat into something as interesting as this week’s Caturday Art Blog Hop submission. With my usual over-kill, I started with my normal photo editing program, Picasa. I used the Lomo-ish, HDR-ish and Orton-ish filters and tinkered with the settings in each one. I believe I used them in the order listed.

On the left below is the original photo after I cropped and lightened it so that Giulietta wasn’t an indistinguishable mass of floofiness. That turned some of her furs reddish. The image on the right is what I had after applying the three filters.

Giulietta FloofinessGiulietta Floofiness






The final creation was made using the Crayon Drawing feature in

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