Astrid has been getting a lot of face time (or in this case, belly time) on the blog lately. It is probably not a surprise as she is my little shadow and constant companion. Though she actually spent some time on the Catio yesterday morning, she mostly slept on the counter snuggled up to the computer.

(c) The Cat on My Head 2014

(c) The Cat on My Head 2014


When I pestered her, she rolled on her back to expose her belly. She gave me that give-me-scritches look. Well, who could resist that? Not me.

To create today’s “art” I used one of the premium features in Ribbet! It is from the Sandbox Effects and entitled, Slicer. Unfortuntaely, I cannot remember what I did after that and was unable to recreate it when I tried. Finally I added a Confetti frame from the same program. This reminds me a little of creating a picture using a Lite Brite.

Astrid BellyAstrid asked me not to show the original photo as she finds it a bit immodest, but I told her we are among friends and it would be okay. Plus I convinced her that Sampy would like it.







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