Most cats can probably be labeled as bird-TV-watching couch potatoes. I know the ones who live with me can best be described in this way.

cats on the job

Photo by Toru Yamanaka

Lisa Rogak, in her book, Cats on the Job, introduces us to 50 real cats from around the world who have jobs on a larger scale than just keeping their humans warm at night. Many of the cats are employed as mousers to keep rodent populations under control. These cats work in a variety of locales and industries. Most of us have either met or heard about cats who “work” in churches, libraries or shops. Though Rogak includes these cats in her book, she also introduces us to others with both unusual and unique jobs.

cats on the job

Photo by Monti Franckowiak

First up is Sable, the crossing guard cat from West Richland, Washington. This was one of my favorite stories.

You’ll meet musical cats, the well-known Amazing Acro-Cats, a mayor, a train stationmaster, a dog trainer, a teaching assistant, a foster mother to Rottweiler puppies, actors, models and so many more. Even mega-star Grumpy Cat is included.

cats on the job

Photo by REX/USA/Richard Austin/Rex

The book has at least one full-color photo of each cat, many wearing the garb associated with their position, as you can see from the book cover and the photo of Sable.

Another of my favorites was Chesney, the baby-sitting kitten, who takes the younger, orphan kitten, Joey, under his paw.

You’ll also meet Towser, a Scottish distillery cat, who has the distinction of being included in The Guinness Book of World Records for dispatching 28,899 mice during his time on the job.

One of the subjects, Doorkins Magnificent, of Southwark Cathedral in London, slept through head scritches from Queen Elizabeth.

This is a feel good book that will keep you smiling from beginning to end and just might elicit several “squeees” from you along the way. The writing is excellent with well-reaserched bios of each cat.

Photo by Ben Gately Williams

Lisa Rogak has been writing professionally since 1981. She’s written more than 40 books on a wide range of topics including biographies of Barack Obama, Jon Stewart and Dan Brown, to name a few. Just as this book is a must read for all those who love or are fascinated by cats, so is Rogak’s bio, which you can find on her website,

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