Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

After last week’s excitement with Sawyer, I think I am finally back on track with posting the correct thing on the appropriate day. So, as it is Thursday, we are joining our friends, Angel Sammy and Teddy, for Sam’s weekly poetry challenge. He sends us an inspiration photo from the Rainbow Bridge each Thursday, and we write a poem to accompany it the following Thursday.

This week I took a wee bit of artistic license with the photo prior to writing my poem. I sure hope Sammy will forgive me.

Here’s the altered photo.


And here’s my poem.

 Companions: Cats & Fairies

This is where the fairies live,
But they mostly stay hidden
Especially if humans come near.
They do like kitties, however, as
We help them with their chores
And let them ride upon our backs.
When they need to plant their seeds,
We dig the holes with our sharp claws.
When their rugs need cleaning,
We bunny kick them with our paws.
When their windows get dirty,
We use our tongues to lick them clean.
You’re probably wondering why
Fairies and cats are friends…
Well, the fairies let us plant catnip
In their garden and treat us to picnics
With tasty bugs they catch for us.
Each night they sing us to sleep
And watch over us until we wake.
So walking together hand-in-paw
Is not so unusual. We each have
Something to give the other, and
We never take each other for granted.
Cats and fairies are a match made in heaven.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 12/26/2018

If you’d like to read Angel Sammy’s poem, which he transmits each week from the Bridge, click on his badge. You also will find links to other blogs with poems in the Comments. Sammy’s poem is always worth reading. He’s a master at poetry.

Thankful Thursday

We also join Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop each week. Kitties Blue have some thankfuls for gifts received for Christmas and will share those next week. Dad Tom and I are doing the thankfuls this week.

It has been a week (yesterday) since Sawyer had the horrible seizure and spent two nights hospitalized at the Emergency Vet. He has been seizure free since. He is being pretty good about taking his new medication. Of course, he is now getting a mid-day meal his fursibs are not, which makes him really happy. We are trying to stay positive and are praying he is now on the right combo of drugs to remain seizure free.

Our second thankful is that we now have a floor, two-and-a-half walls and one framed-in window on the addition. It’s starting to look as if this project is moving forward. Of course, we have another one to three inches of rain in the forecast for Friday. And snow is forecast for the end of next week. We’ve had 60 inches of rain (20 inches above normal) for the year. Praying that 2019 is less wet!

To join the blog up at Brian’s, click on his badge below.