Wordless Wednesday


VOLLEYBALL ENTHUSIAST: Grey cat watching volleyball competition on a laptop while sitting in her dad's lap.


To see a similar post check out, “Kizmet Watching Volleyball with Dad,” from September 21, 2022.

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Looking Back

I have not shared a Looking Back post with you the past couple of weeks. I do have one today from September 3, 2012, and it is super short. It will probably take less than a minute for you to read it, so please check it out. Click on the title, “Cat = Lily,” to go there. I hope if you enjoy it, you’ll leave a comment.

I want to thank those who have already commented after receiving notice of the re-post.

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Wordless Wednesday



Kizmet is a fan of all sports. Check out this post for a photo of her watching the Winter Olympics: “Sports Enthusiast Cat Kizmet.”

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You only have today and tomorrow to enter a comment on Misty May and Angel Mau’s birthday post, “18th Birthday Celebration Comment-a-thon,” for the opportunity to win a donation for your favorite pet rescue, shelter or charity. I will be donating $1 for every comment (one per person please). If you haven’t commented yet, please do and invite your friends to do the same.  Thank you.

Remember Me Thursday


Remember Me Thursday graphic with orange tabby cat portrait within a star and grey tabby cat portrait within a heart.


Cooper and Sawyer are here to remind you to join us tomorrow for a very special post to honor and remember all pets waiting for their forever homes. Both Cooper Murphy and Sawyer came to us from the streets, and we are blessed to have them as members of the family. Check out the Remember Me Thursday website for additional information.




Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

The weeks keep zipping right by us, but unfortunately little has changed in the past several months. The pandemic is still raging with some locales seeing huge escalations in cases. Virginia isn’t currently one of the states which has this problem. However, that does not mean we can be less cautious. I only mention this because it is what is uppermost in my mind almost constantly. Consequently, once again, it found its way into my poem. I just cannot seem to help myself. Sorry!

Here’s the photo followed by my poem.



A Place to Dream

Magical painting in which to escape
From day-to-day, hum-drum of normal life.
Imagining another time and place…
Quiet, gentle with no virus or masks,
No social distancing, fear or protests.
Any painting, photo or drawing
Holds the key for me to a better
Place than where we are now…
A place to dream and be free.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 07/08/2020

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Thankful Thursday

Thanks this week include one for Sawyer. Our little trooper is 19 days seizure free as of yesterday. Paws crossed that streak will continue. Twenty days is his max, and those two intervals happened a few months back.

Our second thanks is that Mau’s trip to the vet—yes that is where he was heading in yesterday’s photo—did not reveal any dire illness. He has not been himself for a few days and not eating much. He has lost more than a pound of weight since round-up in the beginning of April.

Mau is still feeling puny, but his heart and lungs are good and thyroid function okay. His kidney function values show, like many senior cats, that he does have some kidney disease.

He received a cerenia injection to stimulate his appetite, and he is eating, including treats and shredded cheddar cheese from my dinner. Starting him on k/d food was suggested, but if he is like every other cat we have had or known, we are fairly certain he’ll turn his nose up at that.

We will definitely keep you posted as to his health

Dad Tom and I remain healthy for which we are truly grateful. Tom will get results today of an antibody test he had when giving blood a couple of weeks ago. We expect it to be negative for COVID-19.

I am thankful that I woke up early enough two days ago and actually remembered it was Tuesday, so I could be one of three first commenters on the Tuesday Teaser at Two Spoiled Cats. I shared the honors with Mom Sharon (Friends Furever) and Dad Pete (Tomcat Commentary by Tim). We all got this cool badge.

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It’s time for another editon of Sammy’s Throughly Poetic Thursday. This week our prompt letter is “I.” Kitties Blue and I thought it would be pretty hard to come up with a good poem using “I”, but it turned out okay, we think. And Fiona has put together a few photos to accompany the poem. (She has her monthly CKD check-up tomorrow and could use a few extra purrs and prayers. I am praying she’s gained a little weight and her numbers are down. She’ll let you know the results of her exam on Caturday or Sunday.)


Nothing is Impossible if we use Imagination…
Problems can be solved and poetry written.
Imagination can take you anywhere
Even if you never leave your chair.
A house cat can become a jungle king.
A kitten can believe she can do anything.
The cat tower becomes the tallest tree
As she scrambles to the top…1, 2, 3!
A dancing feather toy is a bird on high
Letting kitty run and jump and almost fly.
A little catnip can boost Imagination,
Turning a dreamer into a media sensation,
Like Morris, Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat
Or maybe even another The Cat in The Hat.
The Imaginative cat can do the Impossible
Even if his human finds it Implausible.
Imagination is truly a wondrous thing.
Adventures you can have will make your heart sing.
So get up from your nap, have a little bit of nip
And take yourself on an Imaginative trip.




Wordless Wednesday Explained

As the Olympics and Pawlympics are currently being contested and it is the 20th Anniversary of the Atlanta Olympics, our Mom thought it might be fun to share a few Olympic photos. Here’s the short version of the Olympic story: Mom was a scorekeeper and Dad was a referee for the indoor volleyball competition. At the conclusion of the Olympics Mom took over as the chair of the USA/International Scorekeepers Commission for USA Volleyball. She trained, certified and assigned scorekeepers to International Events contested in the U.S.  She served in that position for 12 years. Here are two posts with some additional information:   TOM SELLECK AND A LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION and HOME ALONE AGAIN.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Friendly Fill-Ins.


Belly-Up Sprawl

Tuxie kitty displaying belly-up sprawl while napping.

Gold Medal Winner – Misty May

So…we are in the midst of the XXX Summer Olympics and usually Kitties Blue would be displaying their penchant for the games. But with the heat we’ve been having, the most “hotly” contested event is the BELLY-UP SPRAWL. Mauricio and Misty May both get extra style points for the best lead-in—the drop, flop and roll. But, Misty May is the clear gold medalist, as she is known for her ability to spend about 22 hours per day on her back.

Calico cat in the bell-up sprawl position while napping.

Silver Medalist – Lily Olivia on her back! Lily Olivia gets the silver medal. Giulietta earns the bronze based on her girth and floofy hair-do.

All the sprawling has given Giulietta the energy for the occasional Track and Field events. She is the master of  the BACK-TO-FRONT DOOR SPRINT as well as the BACK-DOOR-TO-UPSTAIR’S-FOOD-BOWL SPRINT. Should another feline mistakenly cross her path, a little CAT-ON-CAT WRESTLING can ensue. When that happens, I am forced to disqualify all those involved.

On the other paw, Astrid is definitely the best at the STUFFED MASCOT WRESTLING event. She refused to let me take her picture as she didn’t want to give away any of her top-secret techniques. And with sibling, Lisbeth, she has mastered the HIGH-FLYING-BUG SWAT AND GOBBLE. (She’d have some hard competition in 2023 with Kizmet and Audrey being masters at this event.)

Tuxie kitten with miniature volleyball.

Baby Mauricio with His Kitten-sized Volleyball

One would think Mauricio and Misty May, named for gold-medal volleyball players, would take a bigger interest in that sport. But even though Jolly Old England is the locale for the people Olympics, neither find the sport to be their “cup of tea;” though, as you can see, Mauricio once did. (Mauricio eventually found that he enjoyed volleyball as a spectator sport from Dad Tom’s lap.)

Additional Events

The Olympics always have been contested among the resident kitties. They aren’t really partial to either the summer or the winter games. Games take place all year around and include a variety of “catrobatics.” These include LEAP CAT, TEAM PAW BALL/CORK /STYROFOAM PEANUT (a lot like team handball), CAPTURE THE CRITTER, WRAPPING-PAPER WRINKLING, MOUSE MUNCHING, TUB-TAIL TAG, LASER LIGHT KEEP-AWAY and the always favorite, CHRISTMAS TREE DISMANTLING.

Tuxie kitten standing on hind legs on bed.

Mauricio competes in Capture the Critter.

Kitties Blue have become quite distressed by the discontinuation of many events due to our usage of laptops, tablets and smart phones. No longer contested are ANSWERING MACHINE ANNIHILATING, MODEM MAULING or FAX FIDDLING.

We wish they could be better sports cats and competitors, but as I have said often, if wishes were cats, we’d be up to our necks in cat poop…oh, wait a minute, we are. Maybe LITTER BOX SCOOPING should become an Olympic event for the caregivers. We’ve certainly built up some great upper-arm strength…probably even enough for the CAT CLEAN AND JERK. (Dad Tom does most of the scooping now for which I am entirely grateful.)

Dad Tom at the Olympics

FIVB Referee Commision at the 2012 London Olympics.

Tom (2nd from left) and his fellow Referee Commission Members

For those of you who know Dad Tom and me, I have added this bonus photo from the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London. For those who are just becoming acquainted with us, Dad Tom is a member of the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) Referee Commission.