Sunday Selfies


Sunday Selfies: Week #494

Today we have a guest host.


Cooper's hawk selfie


This is a Cooper’s hawk, and no, it does not belong to our Cooper Murphy. That is its actual name. This hawk was named by Charles Bonaparte in 1828 after William Cooper, who collected the specimens that were used to describe the species. An adult Cooper’s hawk is from 14 to 21 inches long, with a wingspan of 27 to 36 inches.

This one was sitting on our back fence when Dad Tom snapped his photo. I am certain he was scoping out all the birds and small critters that inhabit our yard. I am happy all the Kitties Blue were safely ensconced in the catio and house. We often see hawks in our area.

I thought it was interesting that s/he was standing on just one leg. Maybe he thought that’s how one joins our blog hop. MOL! Speaking of hopping…

It’s Now Your Turn

That’s right, we are expecting you to not only visit us but also to post a selfie and link to our hop. You have through Thursday to do just that, so please don’t let Kitties Blue down. Though none of them are here today, they will be looking for your selfie.

Thanks for visiting us today. Have a meowvolous and easy Sunday.



Sunday Selfies; Week #493


Tortoise shell cat in a hazy photo surrounded by coloful flowers.


Astrid apologizes for the blurriness of her selfie. Sometimes it is tough for cat photographers to get it just right! Heck, most of the time it is almost impossible for me to get it right.  So I gave her a fancy, colorful border to distract from the haze!

Hopping Time

Astrid would love for you to join her by posting a selfie and joining our blog hop. Hops are always more fun with oodles of participants. And all the Kitties Blue enjoy seeing you adorable facing by today.As a reminder, you don’t need to post today to participate and you have through Thursday to join us.

Thanks for stopping in to see us today.  We wish you an easy Sunday filled with love and cuddles.


Note: I apologize for the size of your selfies. I am not certain what happened, and I cannot see a way to correct it.


Sunday Selfies: Week #492


Ginger tabby cat with squinty eyes and airplane ears for his selfie.


As I mentioned yesterday, Cooper Murphy took a less than attractive selfie displaying squinty eyes and airplane ears. I had hoped I might convince one of the other Kitties Blue to snap a selfie for today. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to even approach any of them, as I spent most of the day searching the house for Raleigh. I won’t mention some of the not-too-flattering names I called him yesterday. And, I will save the story of how and where he was discovered for another day.

Cooper has nothing to say with regards to his selfie.  Being a cat, he could care less whether you like it or not.

Good-Bye Lola

On the 16th, the beautiful Lola, the Rescued Cat, received her angel wings and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge. She leaves her mom, Dawn, and fursib, Lexy, and all of us who knew her to mourn her loss. If you don’t know, Lola is the subject of her very own book, Lola, Diary of a Rescued Cat.


Lola was a frequent Sunday Selfie participant, and we will miss having her join us and reading about her on her blog. If you haven’t visited in order to leave your condolences, click on the photo of lovely Lola. You can also purchase a copy of her book when you visit.

Time to Hop

Though Cooper is not showing off his best self, he and all the Kitties Blue invite you to put on your best smiles, snap a selfie and join Coop and all your other friends on the hop. If you can’t get by here today, our hop always remains open through Thursday.

Thanks for joining us today. We wish everyone an easy and warm Sunday.



Sunday Selfies: Week #491


tabby and tortie cat two-fur


Though tabby Raleigh was here on both Friday and Caturday, he volunteered to take the selfie today. And then he was suddenly photobombed by tortie Astrid. In the photo, however, Astrid is looking at the camera and Raleigh is not, making it look as if Raleigh is the photobomber. But, whichever way you view this, you get a bonus cat or a tortie and tabby two-fur.

Good-Bye Brofur Bailey

We found out recently that an Honorary Kitty Blue, Bailey Boat Cat, flew off to the Rainbow Bridge on .January 2.



We met Bailey shortly after we began blogging and invited him to be an honorary member of the family as a gift for his second birthday. He officially joined the Kitties Blue on 07/30/2013. You can find him with the rest of the family on The Felines page.

If you are unfamiliar with Bailey, I suggest you read our post, “Brofur Bailey Featured as Caturday Art,” and also read his book, Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat, written by his mom Lou Kennedy. The book is available at both Amazon and at slightly different prices than those listed in the previous post.

You can leave condolences for Bailey’s family at “A Final Farewell.”

Rest in peace dear brofur. Kitties Blue were honored to have you has a member of our family.

Hopping Time

Now it is time to show off your selfie and hop with us. It is hard to believe we are quickly closing in on week 500 of the hop. That is a whole lot of selfies, especially for those of you who have been with us the entire time. Whether you have joined us for most of our 491 weeks or you are a new hopper, Kitties Blue and I truly appreciate your participation.

If you cannot join Raleigh and Astrid today, the hop remains open through Thursday.

Have an easy Sunday.


Sunday Selfies: Week #490

Today, we do not have just one selfie, we have eight, albeit of just one cat…the large and often in-charge, ginger tabby, Cooper Murphy. He’s here to celebrate his seventh Gotcha Day. So, I have included one photo from each of his years as a Kitties Blue.


Collage with four photos of a ginger tabby cat


Collage with four photos of a ginger tabby cat


We first introduced Cooper Murphy on January 8, 2017, which was week #126 of our Sunday Selfies blog hop.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of how Cooper Murphy became the eighteenth Kitties Blue, I suggest you check out the following posts.







Party Time

Now that we’ve taken care of Cooper Murphy’s backstory, it’s time to don our party hats and celebrate.  First we have birthday cards. One from Dad Tom and me and one from Cooper’s fursibs.


Gotcha day card with a ginger tabby cat in a bow tie and surrounded by balloons


Gotcha Day card with a cartoon ginger tabby cat in a party hat


One cannot expect a kitty to make his own birthday cake, so Coop’s teacher and mentor, our very own Angel Mau, got a day pass from the Rainbow Bridge to fly down and create Coop’s cake. As usual, he did not disappoint.


ginger tabby cat cake


Of course, we have lots of great noms. Anybody who knows Cooper, knows he’s never missed a meal.




Please stay as long as you like. Cooper and all the Kitties B love a good celebration with friends.

Hopping Time

This may be a party, but it is also our Sunday Selfies blog hop, so we really hope you’ll take a moment out of your party time to display your selfie by using the link below.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate your friendship.






Sunday Selfies: Week #489

Lisbeth is here today with the last selfie of the year and wishes everyone a Happy New Year.


The Cat on My Head New Year 2024: A tuxedo cat in a holiday frame with the words 2024 Happy New Year.


Did you know that Lisbeth was the host of the very first Sunday Selfies blog hop? It was on August 17, 2014, and she has definitely improved her selfie skills in the past nine-plus years. If you’d like to see her selfies from then, click on the post title, “Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.”

As you know, Lisbeth is a cat of few words. And it is time for her to head back to the top of the dining room cat tree, where she spends at least 2/3s of her time! So, before she signs off, she invites you join her on the hop.


All of us here at The Cat on My Head remind you, if you are heading out to celebrate this evening, please stay safe and be careful! We want to see you right here tomorrow for New Year’s Day 2024!

Thanks for being hoppers and friends!




Sunday Selfies: Week #488


Sawyer's Special Selfie: Grey tabby cat with light green eyes selfie with a sparkly blue Christmas-themed frame.

Yesterday, was my beautiful girlfriend Noelle’s (Friends Furever) 6th Gotcha Day. I have made a super special selfie for her, which I am purring she will like. If you missed her party yesterday, click on the link above to visit her and leave your best wishes.

A Question from Mom

For those of you who subscribe to e-mail notifications of our posts, can you please let my mom know if you have been getting them. My dad woke her up at 5:45 a.m. yesterday to tell her she forget to schedule our post, as he didn’t get an e-mail notification, and an early commenter also said she didn’t get one. Mom would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue and if she should look for a glitch in her notification system plug-in.

Holiday Greetings

Mom finally got our holiday cards in the mail on Friday. She realizes that those of you who live out of the country definitely won’t see them before 2024, for which she apologizes. She will include a copy on tomorrow’s post for anyone who would like to pick it up there.

Finally, Hopping Time

I know today will be a busy one for many of your humans, but I sure hope you can find a bit of time to stop by and link up your selfie. If not, I’ll be here until Thursday, so you can join us after things quiet down a bit.

Wising you all a most meowvolous holiday from me and all the Kitties Blue (Mom and Dad Tom too) ,

Sawyer (with love and whisker kisses to Noelle)



Sunday Selfies: Week #486

The hop is now open. I apologize for not checking and getting it up earlier!


A grey cat displays an "if looks could kill" expression in a selfie framed in Christmas greenery, ornaments and bows.


So, I know this expression is what human’s call, “if looks could kill,” but I am not grumpy or mad. I was, however, facing the window when I snapped this, and the sun made me squint.

Believe me, I have nothing to be miffed about. Mom has already wrapped several presents for all us Kitties Blue and put them under the tree. And, I saw a box in the foyer, which I know has something in it our dad ordered for us. You see, absolutely nothing gets past me. I carefully inspect everything that comes into the house. Mom can never get a Cat Lady box past me. I know cat toys are in it just waiting for me to put the bitey on them. If you didn’t know this, check out the posts, “Who Took My Toys” and “Kizmet’s Cat Lady Box.”

And…Tuesday is my Gotcha Day! Life is good, and I am a very fortunate kitty. Mom continues to request that I get off the table while she is wrapping gifts, but, as I said, nothing gets past me. I am certain Santa will forgive these minor transgressions.

Hop Along Time

I’ve shown you my selfie, and now it is time to share your selfie with me, the other Kitties Blue and your many friends. If you want to fancy it up for the holidays, that would be cool, but, of course, not necessary. And don’t worry if you cannot participate today. I’ll be right here waiting for you through Thursday, except while I’m celebrating that Gotcha Day on Tuesday. I sure hope you’ll join me again then.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet



Sunday Selfies: Week #486

Astrid curled up partially on my chest and partially on my shoulder yesterday, and a miracle occurred. She agreed to snap a selfie. Unfortunately, as she does so often, she turned away just as she took the photo. I still think she looks pretty good.


Tuxie cat selfie framed with a Christmas Wreath.


Each day and each week since Misty May passed away, Astrid has gained confidence. She’s beginning to spend lots of time downstairs with Dad Tom and me! Much of that time, she is sitting on me. She also enjoys burrowing into my neck and tap dancing her signature and unusual four-paw knead on my stomach. And she loves to wake one or the other of us up super early. I try to pull the covers over my head before she realizes I’m awake.

Right now she is draped across my stomach and blocking the computer screen, which is one of her favorite tricks. I am thankful she wasn’t here for the cropping and framing of her photo!

Time to Hop

You all know how this goes. It’s now your turn to show Kitties Blue, and all your other friends, your amazing selfie that shows how adorable you are. If your humans are as busy as I am with holiday preparations, I know you may not get here today. But, as always, that’s okay. Astrid will be waiting here for you through Thursday.

Kitties Blue and I appreciate you continuing to support our hop after more than nine years. That commitment is incredible and has not gone unnoticed. We are so grateful.

Thanks again for joining us today.




Sunday Selfies: Week #485


Tuxedo cat with a Christmas frame with two big green bows, garland and candy canes.


When Lisbeth is in the top perch of the dining room cat tree she is a calm and happy cat. It’s the purrfect place for her to snap a selfie.

It’s the first of our Christmas selfies, and Lisbeth is proud to be representing today.

Hopping Time

Lisbeth is looking for all our friends to join in the hop. You can see from her selfie that she has her eyes on you! If your humans are like me, they may be busy with holiday decorating and cannot get you the hop today. That’s okay, The hop is open through Thursday, and Lisbeth will be here waiting for you.

Kitties Blue and I appreciate each of you for joining us on this hop as well as for visiting and commenting on our posts.

We wish you a happy and easy Sunday!