Sunday Funnies


Sunday Selfies: Week 76

I took a purrfectly good selfie this week. It ‘s only slightly out of focus. I didn’t cut any impawtant bits off. And the lighting was pretty good. I might look a tad grumpy, but grumpy is my normal expression. Everyone should know that by now.

So why does Mom feel like she has to tinker with a totally acceptable selfie? We continue to remind her that Caturday is the day to be arty. Just look what she did to me this week. I did such a great job getting my face centered in the frame and then she cuts off my ears and chin. And who wants to see her crappy cropping job eight times. Pffft!


Lily's Sunday Selfie X Eight


I have convinced her that if she is going to do something funky to our Sunday Selfie photos that she must show the original as well.


Lily's Sunday Selfie X Eight


Much better, don’t you agree?

Mom’s excuse for the tinkering with my photo is that she wanted to use the free collage maker from FotoJet. She’d received four or five requests from the developer, PearlMountain Technology, to try it and review it on the blog. She looked at the app a few times but just never found anything that appealed to her. After further investigation today and the realization that she could delete or change the pre-printed messages on their collage templates, she decided to give it a try. While checking out the app, she discovered that they have some really great stickers/clip art that will work well for Cat Scout creations. She’s certain she will make good use of the app in the future.

If you haven’t snapped your selfie yet, you still have plenty of time. In fact, even if you don’t have it ready to post today, the blog hop stays open for five days. As always, if you have difficulty entering your link or if it doesn’t post correctly, just let us know in a comment. Mom will enter it for you. If you’d like to include the hop on your blog, the link is below. Our only request is that you link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.

Looking forward to seeing lots of submissions this week.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia



Mom said that even though she was going to be away, we still had to have our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. So, before she left, she twisted Lily Olivia’s and my paws until we begrudgingly agreed to snap a few photos of ourselves. I suggested to Lily that we flip a coin to see who would post today, but she refused. She told me that as she is the oldest among us cats and I, CJ, am the youngest, that whatever she decided was LAW. As you might have expected, here I am.

My eyes are dark and muddy as they were all pupil when I snapped these photos. And, of course, I am out of focus. Why my fur colors look different in each photo, I cannot tell you. I did try to make myself look a wee bit better with the peach-colored vignette frame around the individual photos and the fall-themed collage background. Did it work? I do think both my two-toned nose and whiskers are rather nice.

cj's sunday selfies


So that’s what I have to offer today. I am excited to see how the rest of you did. Just click and the bottom of this post to enter your link. If you want to post the Blog Hop photos on your site, would you purrlease link back to us and/or display our badge. That would make us all smiley and purry despite our being abandoned.


The one good thing about being Kitties Blue designated selfie cat for today is that I took my photos last weekend. Now I have nothing to do but take it EASY today on the humans’ bed. Guess I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Purrs and paw-pats, CJ aka Calista Jo



Lacey CJ Sunday selfie


Lacey CJ Sunday selfie


Calista Jo wanted me to apologize for the blurry quality of the second photo. She insisted on including it as she liked how adorable she is with her tongue out. She’d been enjoying some fresh nip on the Catio when she snapped both of these photos. I added the lacey frames using adornpic.

Today is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Our response was incredible last week, and if you have joined us before, we’d love to see you here again. If you haven’t tried it, what’s stopping you? It’s tons of fun.

If you’d like to use the link code and include the SS Hop on your blog, please include our badge or at the least, include our blog name with a link back to us. Many thanks for this.

On Wednesday, September 17, we will be celebrating Misty May and Mauricio’s Tenth Birthdays. As part of the celebration we will have a Comment-a-thon giveaway with the proceeds going to the shelter or rescue of the winner’s choice. We also will have a giveaway from Pookapet. We will tell you more about this super cool company on Tortie Tuesday.


Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo: Who’s there?

Mauricio: Mauricio.

Lisbeth: Mauricio, who?

Mauricio: Your brofur, Mauricio.

Lisbeth: I’m sorry we don’t have any brofurs, just sisfurs here.

Mauricio: Don’t be silly. You know me. I am the big, whiney Tuxedo cat.

Calista Jo: Oh, him. We don’t like him.

Lisbeth: Go away.

Mauricio: I’m not going anywhere. Now back away!

Lisbeth: No.

Mauricio: If you don’t, I’m going to bonk you on the heads with this cat door.

Calista Jo: You and what army?

Mauricio: Sheesh, you two are a pain in the backside.

Calista Jo: Lisbeth, I’m bored. Should we let him in?

Lisbeth: Yeah, I guess. If we don’t he’s going to sit there and whine.

Calista Jo: Oh yeah…I don’t like that.

Lisbeth: Let’s go watch the birds.

Calista Jo: Okay.

Mauricio: Finally, a guy could starve to death waiting on those two twits.

P.S. Please don’t forget to keep sending your love, prayers and purrs to our sisfur, Nylablue.