Cow Appreciation Day


Cow Appreciation Day

With that familiar whoosh, Periwinkle came tumbling out of the teleportation tunnel right into Stinky’s open arms. They hugged and giggled and then Periwinkle asked, “So what’s on the agenda today, Stinky?”

Stinky replied, “Well, actually, our adventure is in a way thanks to your mom. I was having a terrible time coming up with something new and different, so she kindly sent me some ideas.” With that Stinky took Periwinkle’s paw and led her back into the teleportation tunnel, set the coordinates for their destinations, and they were off to the location of today’s adventure. 

After a short trip, they exited the tunnel. Periwinkle was staring at open fields, and turned to Stinky with a quizzical look. “Where the heck are we?”

“You’ll see in just a minute or two,” replied Stinky. He then did something that really took Periwinkle by surprise.

Stinky bellowed, “Mooooooo.”

Within the slow blink of a cat’s eyes, the fields started to fill with cattle.



Wide-eyed, Periwinkle looked around her and then started to back away. “Those things are huge,” she squeaked out. “They could squash us with those humongous hooves.”

“That’s why I brought us disguises,” replied Stinky. “I am not certain if they’ve ever met a cat, and we don’t want to frighten them and start a stampede.” Stinky gave Periwinkle what he brought for her, and they both quickly donned their disguises. 

“Oh my gosh, Periwinkle, you look even more cute than usual.”

“You too,” she replied and then added, “So my mom thought we should come look at cattle?”



“Not exactly. She told me that today is Cow Appreciation Day, so I thought we could come visit here. I also thought we could tell our followers a little about cows.”

“That sounds cool,” replied Periwinkle.

“According to a 2009 study in the journal “Science,” humans have a lot more in common with cows than they think. They share 80% of their DNA with cows,” Stinky told Periwinkle.

“Really, that’s interesting. I wonder if cats and humans share any DNA?” mused Periwinkle.”

“I knew you’d ask me that, so I checked it. Get this, when scientists looked at genes, they found that about 90% of human genes have a matching version in cats.”

“Holy cow,” replied Periwinkle, to which Stinky laughed so hard, he fell over in the pasture.

“Stinky watch out,” shouted Periwinkle. “You almost fell into a big smelly cow pie!”

“Whoops, my mom sure wouldn’t like that. Should I share another tidbit about cows?”


“Okay. Cows have been known to form friendships and familial ties. And like humans, cows display excitement when being let out into an open field after long periods of time indoors. I know both our moms will be over the moon, just like the cow in that fairy tale, when they can get out and run around again when this virus has passed.”

“That’s for sure. I think the big ones with the super long horns really like us, Stinky. A couple of them have offered to give us rides around the pasture. I’m game are you?”

“Of course, let’s go!”



“This is way more fun than those big bicycles at the zoo,” exclaimed Periwinkle.

“A lot more stinky, though, don’t you think?”

“That’s funny, Stinky. Did you realize, you just used your name to describe this adventure?”

“Yeah, let’s just move on with another interesting fact, okay? Cows are known to have super good memories, and they remember almost everything.”

“Cool, do you think they’d remember us if we came to visit again?”

“Periwinkle, how could they forget two adorable tabbies in cow disguises? I cannot believe they’ve ever met any other kitties, and especially none that are as adventurous as we are.”

“Stinky, do you think we could go say, ‘hi,’ to that little cow before we head home?”

“Sure, let’s go.”



“He was sweet. I wish he could come home with us, but I guess he won’t fit in our tunnel.” Periwinkle said sadly.

“And we’d have to get my dad a much bigger pooper scooper,” chortled Stinky! “This sure has been fun, Periwinkle, but are you ready to head home? I’m getting hungry.”

“Me too, let’s go.”

Holding paws, the little cats entered their tunnel, and Stinky set the coordinates to take them back to his house.

When they arrived, they told Stinky’s furblings all about their adventure and shared photos while having a snack.

As Periwinkle got ready to enter her tunnel, the tabbies shed their usual tears while hugging and sharing whisker kisses. Then, in a flash, Periwinkle was gone.

The End


Periwinkle and Stinky would like to that Stinky’s dad for his photography.

The tabbies also are joining the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus.