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Most cats can probably be labeled as bird-TV-watching couch potatoes. I know the ones who live with me can best be described in this way.

cats on the job

Photo by Toru Yamanaka

Lisa Rogak, in her book, Cats on the Job, introduces us to 50 real cats from around the world who have jobs on a larger scale than just keeping their humans warm at night. Many of the cats are employed as mousers to keep rodent populations under control. These cats work in a variety of locales and industries. Most of us have either met or heard about cats who “work” in churches, libraries or shops. Though Rogak includes these cats in her book, she also introduces us to others with both unusual and unique jobs.

cats on the job

Photo by Monti Franckowiak

First up is Sable, the crossing guard cat from West Richland, Washington. This was one of my favorite stories.

You’ll meet musical cats, the well-known Amazing Acro-Cats, a mayor, a train stationmaster, a dog trainer, a teaching assistant, a foster mother to Rottweiler puppies, actors, models and so many more. Even mega-star Grumpy Cat is included.

cats on the job

Photo by REX/USA/Richard Austin/Rex

The book has at least one full-color photo of each cat, many wearing the garb associated with their position, as you can see from the book cover and the photo of Sable.

Another of my favorites was Chesney, the baby-sitting kitten, who takes the younger, orphan kitten, Joey, under his paw.

You’ll also meet Towser, a Scottish distillery cat, who has the distinction of being included in The Guinness Book of World Records for dispatching 28,899 mice during his time on the job.

One of the subjects, Doorkins Magnificent, of Southwark Cathedral in London, slept through head scritches from Queen Elizabeth.

This is a feel good book that will keep you smiling from beginning to end and just might elicit several “squeees” from you along the way. The writing is excellent with well-reaserched bios of each cat.

Photo by Ben Gately Williams

Lisa Rogak has been writing professionally since 1981. She’s written more than 40 books on a wide range of topics including biographies of Barack Obama, Jon Stewart and Dan Brown, to name a few. Just as this book is a must read for all those who love or are fascinated by cats, so is Rogak’s bio, which you can find on her website,

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Cats on the Job from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review. I also was promised a copy to give away to one of my readers. The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.




love in lower caseSamuel is an introverted romantic. He lives alone until a stray cat arrives at his door on New Year’s Day. The cat invites himself inside. After a saucer of milk and being dubbed Mishima, a series of events are set in motion. These bring Samuel into contact with some exceptionally quirky (well-developed) characters.

This international best seller, originally written in Spanish, by Francesc Miralles, delves into Samuel’s burgeoning realationshps with each of these individuals, including Gabriela, who he fell in love with at age six and encounters by chance 30 years later. His ineptitude as a suitor is touching and often a bit heartbreaking. Gabriela is not easily impressed my this strange man who claims to have known her as a child. I’ll leave it to you to find out what occurs in their relationship when you read this romantic comedy.

You’ll also meet editor Titus, Samuel’s upstairs’ neighbor, the enigmatic, bearded Valdemar, the vet Meritxell and the red-haired man whose strange idiosyncratic behavior becomes an obsession of Valdemar and then Samuel.

I am always impressed by well-written books regardless of the subject matter. The prose is exceptional in the English translation of thisnovel. Previously translated into 20 other languages, Love in Lowercase has received glowing reviews from around the world.

love in lowercaseSome storylines in the book are unresolved at it’s conclusion making me hope that Miralles is planning a sequel. And if he does, I’ll be looking for more of Mishima. His role is much too small, especially as he is the catalyst for all that happens.

Author Francesc Miralles was born in Barcelona, which is the setting for Love in Lowercase. He studied journalism, English literature and German. He’s worked as an editor, translator, ghost writer and musician.

Love in Lowercase went on sale on January 26, and you can find it at

The Cat on My Head will be giving away three copies of Love in Lowercase thanks to Penguin Random House. The giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents (no P.O. boxes). If you live outside the U.S. you may still enter and gift your book to a U.S. resident should you win. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to 5 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 14.



Animal photographer, Carli Davidson’s, new book, Shake Cats, should keep you smiling and chuckling from beginning to end. Her third “shake” book features 61 adorable felines in motion. You’ll see flying ears, tongues sticking out of mouths, protruding fangs and “crazy” eyes.

When I was asked if I’d review this book, I was concerned about what was done to these cats to cause them to shake. But not to worry; no cats were harmed before or while being photographed. To find out how Davidson got these cats to shake, you’ll have to read the book. Admittedly, there is very little reading to be done.

Most of the kitties featured are rescues and shelter cats from three Portland, Oregon, shelters. Some are cats that might be categorized as “unadaptable.” They are diabetic or FIV+. As part of this project, Davidson provided the shelters with portraits of her models to help encourage adoption. Additionally, a portion of her advance for this book will be donated to the three shelters that helped with this project.

lil bub in shake catsOne of the non-shelter cats featured in Shake Cats is a celebricat. You may recognize Lil Bub.

Davidson says of herself in the book’s introduction: “People who know me know that I am a huge supporter of adopting animals from shelters, especially older animals, and giving them a second chance.” She adds, “My cats have all been rescues…”

shake cats

Photographer Carli Davidson and her cat, Yushi.


Davidson is a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady.” She’s also an award-winning photographer. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair, New York Times, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and Slate, as well as on TV for CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America.

I am ending this review with one of Davidson’s dedications from Shake Cats. I think it gives you an insight into her personality and love of cats. “To Hulk Hogan, my superfierce first cat, a big sexy blond tabby who didn’t need balls to be a super badass. Spay and neuter your pets.”

The 144-page, hardbound Shake Cats is available from most on-line booksellers and retail book stores.


Conclusion of Galaxy Interview

Jackson Galaxy InterviewAfter jackson Galaxy and I finished talking about his Foundation and his and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy, a few minutes of our interview time remained. That’s when I had the opportunity to ask Galaxy two additional questions.

If you have ever watched Galaxy’s Animal Planet program, My Cat from Hell, you probably have wondered what gives him the ability to connect with both cats and humans and make a difference in their lives. I asked him just that. This was Galaxy’s answer:

I have no idea. I think the one thing I bring to the table is that I come to the world of cats, animals and their guardians from the perspective of an artist. My whole life was as an artist. (He has an MFA in acting from the University of Iowa and is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, bandleader, actor and performance artist.) The thing that drives me is the reality. I came at cats with the same kind of inquisitive nature I used to sit on a bench, watch people, make up stories about their lives and channel it into my art. I did the same thing with cats. I didn’t discriminate. I think when you are clicking on all cylinders as an artist, you are using both your imagination and tapping into your natural sense of empathy, which is to say you feel for what is going on in this being’s life. Two-legged or four-legged, it doesn’t really matter. That’s what I feel like I’ll bring to every situation.

Of course, I bolster that with the science of behavior and the science of animals in general. I bring to it all the experience I have had. But it all starts with the premise that nobody is a hero and nobody is a villain. Everybody’s three-dimensional and worthy of my investment.

We all know how important it is to spay/neuter our pets and to keep our cats in the house or a protected area such as a catio. With that in mind, I was interested in what one piece of advice Galaxy could give cat guardians other than these two things. This is what he had to say:

Expand your circle of compassion. Yes, I know that you love your cat, but if you just go a little bit wider you’ll realize that means you love all cats. And if you love all cats, then there is something you can do. My one piece of advice is to do something. If you don’t have the time to volunteer at a local organization, maybe you can trap a cat that is right outside your house who needs your help. You can foster or if you can’t foster, you can donate. Do a little research and find the organizations in your area you feel are being innovative at pushing the envelope. There is something you can do. You know what…adopt another one. There is always a little something you can do so that we can forever change this reality. Make it so that when today’s young children grow up, they can say, “You did what? You stored animals in shelters?  Why?” It won’t be part of their reality. We’ll change that realty if you expand that circle just a little bit and do something.

News from the Jackson Galaxy Foundation

The Foundation is working on a new project in conjunction with the non-profit organization, Photographers for Animals. The “Picture Me @ Home” campaign will help shelter animals find homes by providing animal shelters and rescue groups with turn-key marketing campaigns to help increase adoptions, community support and donations.

Elizabeth Putsche, Executive Director of Photographers for Animals, says, “If an animal shelter wants help from their community, they need to be part of the community. We encourage shelters to hold events that bring people into the shelter—so the public can experience the shelter as a positive place, with an atmosphere of love for the animals. The public will remember the shelter when they are ready to adopt—and shelters may find a few new volunteers along the way!”

Three campaigns are set for the Winter Holidays.

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” invites children of all ages to read their favorite holiday stories to the shelter animals. Reading aloud can help improve a child’s reading skills and help calm the animals, who are in unfamiliar surrounding.

Photos with Santa Paws & Mrs. Claws invites the community (and their pets) to the animal shelter for portraits with Santa and a chance for children to share their Christmas lists.

Black Friday Sale appeals to the bargain hunter by offering discounts on all black animal adoption fees and additional incentives today.

Check with your local animal shelters and rescues to find out if they are participating in any of these campaigns and find out how you can help. Barn Cat Buddies, the rescue group with which we work, will be taking part in Photos with Santa Paws & Mrs. Claws. Dad Tom will be taking the photographs on December 5.

Our Giveaway for Catify to Satisfy

Jackson GalaxyIn the post with Part 2 of my interview with cat behaviorist and Animal Planet star, Jackson Galaxy I reviewed Galaxy and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy. If you would like to have the opportunity to win a copy of this must have book, leave a comment here by 5 p.m. EST today. The winner will be selected using

To read Part 1 of the interview, click here.

[I’d like to thank Patricia Jones, Founder and President of Paws PR, and Jackson Galaxy for this opportunity to interview Galaxy and share information with all of you about the Jackson Galaxy Foundation and Catify to Satisfy.]

If you’d like to learn more about Jackson Galaxy, I highly recommend you read his memoir, Cat Daddy.

(Credits: Photos of Jackson Galaxy: Jeff Newton. Excerpted from CATIFY TO SATISFY: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin with the permission of Tarcher/Penguin, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin 2015.)



Design Your Way to Feline Bliss…

is a headline from the cover of Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy. The book is now available from ($9.99 – Kindle and $13.16 – paperback). We received our review copy about ten days ago, and I couldn’t wait to start reading. I was tempted to immediately turn to Chapter 3: Let’s Talk About Litter Boxes. I didn’t do it, however. I eagerly read the book from start to finish, and my review is included in this post.


Jackson Galaxy


When I interviewed Galaxy at the beginning of October, our main focus was the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.  However, we discussed the new book as well.

I wanted to know why Galaxy and Benjamin thought it necessary to write another book so soon after the success of their best seller, Catification.

According to Galaxy, “I talk a lot about community and the importance of community and that community which I call Catification Nation.” The moment Catification came out, this community started pelting Galaxy and Benjamin with questions about the things they didn’t discuss in Catification. Galaxy adds, “You can’t cover all the bases, and we did not.”

Galaxy says:And so this time around we’re delving more into things like dreaded litter box issues where behavior and design collide normally in a very unpleasant way. We are trying to deal with that 1000-pound elephant in the room.”

This is one of the main problems I face in my house with eight cats. I had been waiting since our interview to have the opportunity to study this chapter.

Galaxy, adds [It’s] “not just about what features to have in your house and not just about design but the behavior behind the design. A litter box is not just a litter box. A litter box for a cat is a sign post. It says I live here. I own this territory. It gives me that Cat Mojo. It makes me secure .”

“When we start debating about how many litter boxes you should have in your house, we need to start looking inward. We need to look at ourselves.” This is what Galaxy calls putting on your cat glasses.

“We don’t like litter boxes. We don’t like them out in the open. We don’t like them to not have covers, and we don’t like them in our chosen significant areas like the living room and the bedroom. But I am here to say that it is better for the house especially in the multi-cat house. It’s important and so we spend an entire chapter on that.”

“We spend more time profiling the people within Catification Nation. People who really took the task and came up with beautiful results, and we profile them, their lives, their relationships with their cats and the great work they did. There’s nothing like seeing being the proof. You can take a deep breath and go do something so life changing for your cat and for yourself as well.”

“We went deeper. We went wider, and I think the results are complementary to Catification but Catify to Satisfy can stand on its own.”

My Review

I totally agree with Galaxy’s final statement. If you read Catification (My copy is falling apart.), this is the perfect companion book. If you missed the first book, don’t despair. Catify to Satisfy has many great ideas and examples of of projects to make your and your cats’ home a place where everyone is comfortable, happy and “owns” the space.


Catify to Satisfy - Jackson Galaxy

Peter Cohen of Goleta, California, has catified his house to turn it into a kitty paradise.


This new book is full of wonderful projects completed by others who share their space with cats, including a redo of the facility where Galaxy got his start some 20 years ago, Humane Society of Boulder Valley (Colorado).

Inspiration abounds on every page of this book. We constructed our catio several years ago after what I’d seen on Galaxy’s Animal Planet show, “My Cat from Hell.” We added some shelves a few months ago, but I can see, after reading the new book, that these need some modifications. And now, I am brainstorming and planning the construction of a cat super highway inside the house so Astrid can feel confident enough to start coming upstairs again.

Chapter 2 addresses the problem and solutions for kitties scratching in inappropriate places, like your furniture. This section explains why your kitty does this and includes projects (with instructions) to create a variety of scratching posts and surfaces. One of my favorite projects was created by Kate Benjamin—a vertical scratcher that can be attached to a wall. It’s created by repurposing a picture frame and a sisal rug remnant or carpet square. This will be my first project from the book. I already have a frame and will be picking up the carpet in the next few days.

I know I will be referring to Catify to Satisfy often as I make our home (that our vet already calls Kitty Paradise) one that will promote Cat Mojo even more than it does now. I recommend this new book to anyone who shares their home with one or more cats or works with a shelter that could use some catification.

Book Tour

Jackson GalaxyGalaxy and Benjamin have already embarked on their Book Tour. These are the remaining dates and locales.

Austin, TX
Nov 20 • 7pm – Jackson Galaxy
hosted by Book People
603 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

Miami, FL
Nov 21 • 6-7pm – Jackson Galaxy
Miami Book Fair
Miami Dade College
Room 2106 (Building 2, 1st Floor)
300 NE Second Ave.
Miami, Fl 33132

Milwaukee, WI
Nov 22 • 7pm – Jackson Galaxy
hosted by Rainy Day Books
Turner Hall Ballroom
1032 N. 4th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Kansas City, MO
Nov 23 • 7pm – Jackson Galaxy
hosted by Rainy Day Books
Unity Temple on The Plaza, Sanctuary
707 W 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112

If you missed Part One of my interview with Galaxy, where we discussed the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, you can read it here. This is a three-part series, and I will be posting the final installment next week. It will include news from PAWS PR (see my original post) about a joint project with the Foundation and Photographers for Animals to help shelter animals find homes for the holiday season. And Galaxy will answer some questions I posed not specific to either the Foundation or book.


I was given a free copy of Catify to Satisfy by the publisher, and I pre-ordered a copy for myself. In view of this, I will be giving away one of the copies. For the opportunity to win the book, leave a comment on this post. You will have until Friday, November 27, at 5 p.m. EST to do so. The winner will be selected using

(Credits: Photos of Jackson Galaxy: Jeff Newton. Excerpted from CATIFY TO SATISFY: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin with the permission of Tarcher/Penguin, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin 2015.)




Catify to Satisfy

Oh boy, tomorrow Mom will post Part Two of her interview with cat behaviorist and Animal Planet star, Jackson Galaxy. If you missed Part One, which was about the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, you can see it here. Part Two will be about Galaxy and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy, the follow-up to their bestseller, Catification. Tomorrow’s post also will include a review of the new book.

We’ll let you know right now, the new book is terrific. We sure hope you pre-ordered yours, but if you didn’t, it is now available at The Kindle version is $9.99 and the paperback book is $13.16.

Tomorrow’s post also will include the dates and locations for the Catify to Satisfy Book Tour.

Stark Raving Cat

stark raving cat stockingYou only have a until 5 p.m. EST today to enter our current giveaway. Kitties Blue is giving away one limited edition Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints. It is designed for hanging on the Christmas tree or mantle. A red-and-white pair of catnip joints (topped with tiny Santa hats) peeks out from a traditional red stocking. From the ribbon on the front hangs a silver-tone cat-and-mouse charm. It’s perfect to add to your cat’s collar, a key chain or a necklace to wear as a pendant.

You can read our review here and leave a comment for the chance to win.

Purrs and paw-pants, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

(Credits: Photos of Jackson Galaxy: Jeff Newton. Excerpted from CATIFY TO SATISFY: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin with the permission of Tarcher/Penguin, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin 2015.)


women who still love cats too muchIf you are a cat woman or a cat man, you will see yourself over and over again in Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much by Allie Zobel Nolan. Eighty-pages of one-liners with illustrations by Nicole Hollander will make you laugh out loud as you recognize yourself on page after page.

Nolan described me perfectly more times than I can count. It’s as if she were hiding in my house spying on me. Here are a few gems in which I saw myself and Kitties Blue.

  • Your cat expects you to stand at attention opening and closing doors for her on a whim.
  • You won’t turn over during the night no matter how uncomfortable you are because you might disturb the cats. (Photographic evidence from my house.)
  • women who still love cats too muchYou feel obliged to nap with your cats during the day—then can’t sleep at night.
  • You let your cat walk back and forth over your face without so much as a “pardon me.”


women who love cats too much



  • You know your overwhelming love for your puddy makes you do weird things like…learn how to type with one hand, so the other is free to massage your kitty. (More Photographic proof from my house).

If none of these statements describe your relationship with your furballs, I guarntee you will find others that totally characterize your human/cat relationship. You’ll be laughing and possibly groaning a little as you recognize yourself.

women who still love cats too much



You will enjoy Hollander’s quirky and colorful illustrations as well.

women who still love cats too much







Multi award winner, Allia Sobel Nolan is the author of close to 200 books for both children and adults. A couple other cat titles are: 101 Reasons Why a Cat is Better than a Man, Cat Confessions: A Kitty Come Clean Tell-All Book and Purr More, Hiss Less: Heavenly Lessons I learned from My Cat. Nolan lives in Connecticut with her husband, where she writes and loves her kitties too much. You can find out more about this book, other titles and Nolan at

You can see more from illustrator Nicole Hollander at

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much is available from It is $8.98 (Kindle version) and $9.45 (paperback).

This would make a purrfect stocking stuffer or gift for all of your cat friends this Christmas. And you might just win one for yourself or for gift giving. Everyone leaving a comment on this post prior to 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, November 13 (argh! Friday the 13th), will receive an entry in our giveaway for two copies. This giveaway is open worldwide. Winners will be selected using

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I did receive three copies of the book (one for review and two to give away). The opinions expressed are entirely my own.



Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet and other Cat-astrophes Review and Giveaway


simon's cat 1I was sitting in the waiting room at the orthopedist when I started reading this book. Before I knew it I was laughing out loud. I’m glad I didn’t start snorting. I guess, technically, I wasn’t reading but looking at British cartoonist, Simon Tofield’s, intricate line drawings featuring his cat and kitten and their crazy adventures.

Going to the vet occupies 49 pages (many in full, vibrant color) in the center of the 240 pages of hilarity. You will laugh until you cry or maybe wet yourself. It is an inspired exaggeration of what most of us face when trying to stuff kitty into a PTU for a visit to the vet. After kitty’s arrival at the vet all hell breaks out!

To visit everybody’s favorite naughty cat avoiding the PTU, you can catch him on his own YouTube channel in a new video, Box Clever, by clicking here. Box Clever was created as a teaser to the upcoming 11-minute, full-color video of Off to the Vet. The video, financed by an IndieGoGo campaign, will be available to funders first. It will appear on Simon’s Cat YouTube channel sometime in 2016.

The vet visit is only part of the hi-jinx in this new book. You’ll laugh at kitty as he deals with the cone of shame and food thievery by the kitten. Several of the vignettes include antics involving the grumpy neighbor and many include various dogs and birds. Those and all the other line-drawn comics are totally relatable if your home is graced by the presence of a cat.


simon' s cat 2


Anyone who has ever lived with a cat (naughty or otherwise) as well as fans of Tofield’s other books or his nearly 40, animated, YouTube videos will fall in love with this book and want to look at it again and again.

And one lucky reader (worldwide) will win a copy of Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet. For an opportunity to win, leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, October 23, at 5 p.m. EDT. The winner will be selected using

In addition to Simon’s Cat YouTube Channel, you can find kitty on his own blog and Facebook page.

Disclaimer: We received an advance uncorrected proof of the book for our review and one published copy to give away at no charge to us. The opinions expressed are those of The Cat on My Head

My Pet Human Giveaway

simon's catIf you have not entered our giveaway for the adorable book, My Pet Human, written and illustrated by Yasmine Surovec, it’s not too late. To read the review and leave a comment for the opportunity to receive a copy, click here. Comments must be received by 5 p.m. EDT today. Winners will be selected using and announced on our Sunday Selfies post.


my pet humanIf you are a cat parent, you probably have been adopted by at least one cat sometime in your life. That’s exactly what happens in My Pet Human, written and illustrated by Yasmine Surovec. Though totally in black and white, the simple, yet masterfully drawn illustrations grace all 112-pages, making this a true “picture” book.

As the story begins, we meet Mr. Independent, an adorable, stray, tuxedo cat. He revels in his carefree lifestyle; though, he must remain constantly on the lookout for the animal control officer. Kitty prowls his territory where he has the places he can find and mooch food. And he has friends in the neighborhood, Ben the dog, Farrah the cat and George the mouse, who tell him what it’s like to have a home and humans. But our independent cat has no interest and feels sorry for his friends as they do not have the freedom he finds so satisfying.


my pet human

When a family moves into an abandoned, neighborhood house, our fellow decides to check things out. Smelling macaroni and cheese topped with tuna through an open window and having missed dinner the night before, puss goes to investigate and meets a young girl.

To find out more about our friendly tuxedo cat, his new family, and how he and the young girl bond and “save” each other, you’ll have to read the book.

Written for six- to ten-year-olds, Surovec’s book is an excellent teaching tool with lessons about cat “rescue” and care. Nonetheless, any adult with a love for cats will enjoy it as well.

my pet human Surovec is the artist behind the popular blog, Cat vs. Human. Her other picture books are, I See Kitty and A Bed for Kitty. You can also find her on Facebook.

My Pet Human is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardbound versions.

The Cat on My Head is giving away two paperback versions of My Pet Human. For the opportunity to win a copy, leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, October 16, at 5 p.m. EDT. Winners will be selected using

Today is the last day to leave a comment for the opportunity to win a copy of Max Cryer’s book, The Cat’s Out of the Bag. This giveaway ends at 5 p.m. EDT today. Click here to leave a comment.


Truth and lies about cats

cat's out of the bagI don’t profess to be an authority on cats, but I always thought I knew a fair amount. Then I had the opportunity to read Max Cryer’s book, The Cat’s Out of the Bag. This is a 191-page compendium of everything cat.

Did you know that:

  • 40 percent of cats are ambidextrous?
  • the average cat spends 30 percent of its time grooming itself and loses almost as much fluid through this behavior as it does through urine?
  • Florence Nightingale owned 17 cats at one time and more than 60 in her lifetime?
  • Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat door?
  • the white patch on the Turkish Van cat’s forehead is known as “The Thumbprint of Allah”?
  • Shakespeare refers to cats 42 times in his writings, but the cat is not mentioned even once in the Bible?

Have you ever wondered the origins of expressions you use every day, like “Has the cat got your tongue?” or “Curiosity killed the cat.”? Cryer tells how and when these and so many other expressions came into existence. He also discusses the myth of cats having nine lives as well as the nine emotions/behaviors of cats as identified by Jeffrey Masson.

If you live with cats or have even a smidgen of interest in cats, this is a must read. Find out the name of Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite cat, the origin of the game, Cat’s Cradle, and the word for “cat” in 34 other languages. Read poems and quotes about cats and find out where you can go to have your cat mummified.

This is all just a small sample of what you will find in The Cat’s Out of the Bag. Some of the chapters in Cryer’s book are: Idioms, Poetry, Bodies and Behavior, History and Cartoons. And the book is filled with drawings of cats as well.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag is available in paperback and as an e-book for Kindle and Nook.

Max Cryer

cat's out of the bagCryer is a writer, entertainer and broadcaster. He’s had a varied career, including schoolteacher, television host and cabaret performer. His books include: Who Said That FirstEvery Dog has His Day, Preposterous ProverbsLove Me Tender and others.


The Cat on My Head is giving away two copies of Cryer’s The Cat’s Out of the Bag. The giveaway is for U.S. residents only, but you may gift your book to someone in the U.S. should you win but live outside the U.S. Winners will be selected using To qualify for the drawing, leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, October 9, at 5 p.m.

Disclaimer: The Cat on My Head received one copy of The Cat’s Out of the Bag for the purpose of review. I was not told what to write. All opinions expressed here are mine alone.