Feline Friday

Sometimes Dad Tom does something totally out of character for him. In this case, I think his reasoning is more than slightly flawed.


cat shark attack: dilute tortoise shell cat in a shark costume in a three-photo collage.


Kitties Blue do not like costumes, hats, sweaters or any other form of attire. Dad Tom, however, thought it would be fun to have them dressed as sharks the next time Chris comes to clean. She always brings treats and/or nip, and the gang all swarm around her. Chewy has their costumes on sale: buy three get one free. We now have eight shark costumes. This is a very miffed Calista Jo modeling. I dared Tom to try to get one of these on Astrid, Sawyer and Raleigh. There will definitely be bloodshed in our future and quite possibly a shark costume giveaway.

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Friendly Fill-Ins

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I actually could have completed all the fill-ins myself this week without any help from Kitties Blue. Sawyer, however, asked if he could complete #1, and I cannot deny that boy anything. So, here are our fill-ins. We both used teal italics for the completions.

1. Sawyer: Noelle, Temptations treats and Friskie’s treats are a few of my favorite things.

2. If I had a lot of money, I would open a sanctuary for black cats.

3. You don’t have to be young to care for and love cats.

4. Aches and pains comes with age.

Thanks for joining us today. I apologize that I have been mostly missing when it comes to visiting your blogs. I definitely will try to do better beginning this weekend.