I was worried that Mom wouldn’t let me post today on Tuxie Tuesday even though she had promised. I was a little naughty last night. I snuck out after dinner. I heard Mom say that if I was lucky she might let me in before bedtime. Well, guess what? She and Dad totally forgot about me until it was time to turn out the lights and sleep. Mom noticed she had more room on her side of the bed than usual.

First Dad came downstairs and called for me. I didn’t respond. About ten minutes later, Mom took a turn. No response. But when my finely-tuned, kitty hearing and exceptionally strong radar picked up on the lid being removed from the treat jar, I immediately appeared at the front door.

Anyway…I am being allowed to show you a slide show of day two, which we spent in the swamp, of my recent Cat Scouts trip.

I am also sharing the “ballad” I wrote for our scary story telling at campfire on the second night. We even had fireworks before returning to the lodge where we watched the movie, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” I sure am glad I didn’t have nightmares.

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Here’s my story I shared at campfire while we were being frightened by all types of swamp monsters.

Max the Dancing Riverboat Captain

There once was a Riverboat captain named Max.
Legend has it that he liked to sing and dance.
You could find him each day singing a jaunty ditty
And kicking up his heels on the boat or in the city.
One day he decided to visit the swamp
With a pretty young gal who wanted a romp.
But Max still wanted to dance & rock.
He crooned a song that attracted the crocs.
Before he knew it, they were swarming around,
Slithering toward him across the ground.
Their jaws were open with teeth bared.
Max was so shocked, he just glared.
And before he could run or even move
The crocs came toward him, oh so smooth.
The next thing he knew his paw was no more.
At the end of his leg, he just saw gore.
The pretty young maiden wrapped Max’s bloody leg.
While he tried to act stoic and oh so brave.
Many years have passed since that life changing day.
But Max remains happy and gay.
Though his dancing days are no more,
And he rarely ventures onto the shore.
He still loves to sing and croon a tune
While he rests on his peg and stares at the moon.
With that pretty young maiden at his side.
As her love for him she just couldn’t hide.
He never lost his desire to sing a sweet song.
For the love they would share all the days long.
The End

Once again our trip was planned by Sammy’s Travel Service and directed by the Worldwide Wildcats Troop Leader and my good furiend, Sammy. He really has a knack for organizing these outings.

If you think this all looks like fun, purrlease consider joining Cat Scouts. All boy and girl cats are welcome, and we have no dues. We are always pawticipating in a variety of activities. This next weekend we will be having a Tea Party, the following weekend is Quest 3 and then our Jamboree in September. And, of course, you will have the opportunity to earn merit badges and pawticipate in Service Projects.

Oh, and the noms! Did I mention the noms? I cannot forget the noms…best anywhere. And we always have cake. Scouts LOVE cake.

This is the cool bsammys bayou tour cat scouts participation badgeadge I earned for pawticipating in this Cat Scout activity.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lion Cat Scout Mauricio

p.s. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read the story I wrote, “The Legend of MAUverick,” in our sidebar.