Sunday Selfies: Week #450


Glamour shot of a grey cat with a frame of gold with green, pink and white crystals.


I certainly hope you are not tired of seeing me. I know I am here a lot. It’s because, like Mau—who I unfortunately never met—I like to pose for the camera. This is my “glamour shot.” As you know, most of the Kitties Blue are not fond of snapping a selfie. I took this on the little cat tree in the kitchen.

I really don’t have anything else to tell you today. But I do need to ask you to participate in our Sunday Selfies blog hop. Every week, my fursibs, all your friends, their humans and I look forward to seeing all your adorable and sweet faces. We know that Sunday is the day for taking it easy, so get that selfie done early so you can enjoy the day.

Whether you post a selfie or only visit to see those of your friends, we appreciate your stopping by. Thank you.