Sunday Selfies Week #199


Sunday Selfies In the Dog House


I think my humans are mad at me. I heard them say that I was naughty. Beats me what I did wrong. Supposedly we kitties are not supposed to jump from the railing of the upper deck to the roof.

Dad came home yesterday afternoon and saw me on the roof as he drove up to the house. The last he’d seen me I was on the catio. Mom created a collage to show you where I began my journey and where I was spotted.



The first photo is just to give a bit of perspective. The second photo shows where I jumped from and the X marks where I landed. The third photo shows where Dad saw me. (I am going to have to be more discreet the next time I try this.)

Dad tried to coax me in the attic window, but I took off. When Mom called me from the upper deck, I came down the way I went up, which is how she knew what I had done; though, she already had a suspicion that’s what I did. She was all freaked out thinking what might have happened if I’d had a seizure while I was on my adventure. I say, “no harm, no foul!”

Now the humans are trying to figure out how to keep me from having another similar adventure. Pffft! Kittens just want to have fun. Am I right?

So that’s the tale of how I ended up in the dog house.

I do have a real selfie for you as well.


Sunday Selfies Week #199


Wow, I really am cute! Don’t you think?

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