Thoroughly Poetic & Thankful Thursday

Writing poetry is hard. Though I write about half the poetry that appears on this blog, sometimes it makes my brain hurt. This week my rhyming mojo is just plain missing. So, I am apologizing now if this week’s offering makes you feel like hissing.

The prompt letter for this week’s poem is “W.”




Even Runners-up Can Be Winners


It’s always fun to be declared a WINNER
Even better than having a chicken dinner,
Unless, of course, you are Ashton or Bear,
Then for a tasty chicken is your only care.
Cooper and I were in the Cardwood Derby,
And Cat Scout Denmaster thought us worthy
Of this cool trophy for being first runner-up.
I think this is what they call a loving cup.
To receive it was a huge surprise.
We could barely even believe our eyes.
Both our names on a plaque are engraved
To indicate the stiff competition we braved.
Cat Scout Obi won for the second year
In a super fast dragster that had no peer.
But all the others followed our Paddy Wagon,
And in the dust we left their tails a draggin’.
Next year we’re planning to drive mush faster,
As this Derby race we’d someday like to master.
But as you can see we’re not complaining
Just planning for our designing and training,
As WINNING this race would be such a pleasure,
As well as a memory we would always treasure.

© Cat Scout Mauricio Blue 05/17/2017


We are joining Teddy and Angel Sammy at TwoSpoiledCats, and hope you will do the same by writing a poem each Thursday. It’s a great way to exercise your brain. To read their poem and find links to other poems, click on Sammy’s badge. We believe that Teddy is also writing a poem about his Derby wins and trophy.



As you might suspect, winning this cool trophy finds us very happy and thankful. So we are entering Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop as well. To join that hop, click on Brian’s badge.



Do you have something for which you are thankful, like being plied with catnip while your humans are away at the BlogPaws Conference? Let us know in the comments.

Ciao and meow, Mau