Sunday Selfies: Week #130

I was happily napping in a sunpuddle on the heated kitchen floor when Mom stuck her phone in my face. She demanded that I take a selfie. How rude! I twisted and turned and hid my face, but she wouldn’t go away. I finally gave up and obliged her, snapping two quick photos. She seemed satisfied and left me alone after that.

I didn’t have too much trouble taking the photos, but I did have a problem figuring out where I was supposed to look. I did move a bit as well, so my photos are a tad blurry.


Sunday Selfies


I am your host today, but not because I want to be. I am pretty miffed lately. I used to be the baby of the family, but I have been replaced by that new guy…you know the one, stripy orange furs and a super expressive face.

As the baby, it was my job to chase the other kitties and wrassle with Mau before dinner. Now Cooper is chasing everyone, including me. And Mau doesn’t show up for dinner until it is served and so has no time for wrassling. MOUSES!

At least Cooper Murphy spends most of the daylight hours on the catio watching the birdies and squirrels. It’s like he’d never seen either before he came here. While he’s outside, I can stay inside and be the baby again. I can’t wait for Daylight Saving Time to begin!

At least he does not get up on the humans’ bed. He tried it once and landed right in Misty May’s face. She let him know she was not amused. He hasn’t tried that again. And he better not, if he knows what is good for him. There is no room for a ginger cat.

Mom says that ‘s enough rant, and I just complete my host duties. So…

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Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo (former baby of the Kitties Blue Krew)

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