Caturday Art

We haven’t been taking many new photos of Kitties Blue recently, so I reached back into the archives again today for our Caturday Art.



This is a photo from April 2015. Though I have always liked it, I’ve never used it on the blog. The white blob above C.J.’s head is a mouse that hangs on an elastic cord from the door frame. It is one of Cooper Murphy’s favorite toys.

Again, I used Painnt to create the art. The effect is Edki, and I changed the hue of the picture. The blurred-edge frame is from Lunapic.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

That’s right, Sunday Selfies will continue, and we will be here tomorrow. Twenty-nine readers completed our Sunday Selfies survey last week. An overwhelming majority (93.10 %) voted for Sunday Selfies to go forward, and 83.77 % voted to continue with posting every Sunday. So that’s what Kitties Blue and I will be doing. Now that you know the survey results, if you’d like to participate tomorrow, it’s time to polish up your smile and get your selfie snapped.

Who will be your host tomorrow is still up in the air. Regardless, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you.