Sunday Selfies: Week #101


Calista Jo's Sunday Selfie and report on her harness training.


Mom asked me to be your host this week so I could share what has been happening with me. First I must apologize for the less than professional quality of my selfies.

So here’s the scoop. Mom wants to take me to BlogPaws 2017 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. As she and Dad will be able to drive, Mom thought it would be fun for one of us to pawticipate in the conference. After weighing the pros and cons of each of us attending, she and Dad selected me for my even temperament and laid-back nature. So I am now in training.

Step one of my training is to get comfy wearing a harness. I have been doing that for a couple of hours each day for the last four days. When I can do that for a few hours at a time, Mom will add a leash and start walking me around the house and yard if I don’t balk. MOUSES! I don’t know if I’ll like that.

Anyhoo, if I get accustomed to that and with visiting places where other humans and pets are present, Mom will get me a stroller. Providing everything works out, I will see y’all next May in South Carolina. Mom and I will keep you posted on my progress.




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To Catch a Cat Winners

I am excited to have the opportunity to announce the winners of our latest giveaway for three copies of To Catch a Cat by Heather Green. They are:

  • Linda Szymoniak
  • Flynn
  • Linda Arthur Tejera

Congratulations. Y’all are going to enjoy reading this heartwarming story about the rescue of the kittens, Zero, Number One and Two Spot. For those who didn’t win, To Catch a Cat is available from Barnes & Noble ($9.16) and ($12).

Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo