Caturday Art


C.J. is a turquoise dilute tortie cat lying on her back for Caurrday Art.


Calista Jo offered up her belly for today’s artistic creation. She was lying on one of the kitchen rugs wallowing around on her back when I started taking photos. As C.J.’s dilute tortie furs are intricate and interesting in themselves, I did very little to the original photograph. I used a turquoise filter from Dreamscope, a light scroll border from piZap and the mat and frame from Picasa.

This is C.J.’s submission to Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Cat4-001Once you’ve completed your art, don’t forget to get your selfie taken for tomorrow’s blog hop.  We’ll be here for week #108 of our Sunday Selfies. Giulietta will be your host and already has taken her selfie. Remember all critters are welcome regardless of species. So please invite your friends to join us.