Sunday Selfies: Week: #477

Calista Jo has the honor of being the second of the Kitties Blue to share her new portrait as this week’s Sunday Selfie.


C.J.'s portrait: portrait if a dilute tortoise shell cat in a variegated frame.


She looks innocent and demure but don’t let her expression fool you. Yesterday, she swatted Cooper Murphy, as he dared to walk past her. Later in the morning she gave Lisbeth a tongue-lashing for just occupying the kitchen floor with her. She often hisses and growls at Sawyer when he tries to get on the bed. Lately, she has been sleeping on the living room couch, which has given our nightly bedmates a bit of a reprieve from her bad temper.

Please Hop With Us 

Calista Jo and the other Kitties Blue invite you to join our weekly Sunday Selfies blog hop. We know you may be busy entertaining your humans while they are home on the weekend, or purrhaps taking your easy in a sunpuddle, which is why our hop remains open through Thursday. All your friends will be looking for you here, and you do not want to disappoint them. If you know anyone who might enjoy showing off a bit, please invite them to pop over and join us. We always look forward to making new friends.


Saying Good-Bye


Most of you likely know that one of our blogging friends, Pattie Kleinke (TW from Stunning Keisha), passed away on October 6th. I was fortunate to meet Pattie in 2015 at the Blog Paws Conference in Nashville. I searched for a photo, and this is the only one I could find.



That’s Pattie in the foreground with CK’s nemesis HHGutt.

You can light a candle or leave a memory here. A donation to Pattie’s favorite charity can be made by clicking this link: The Lucky Cat Rescue in Weehawken, New Jersey. Or, if you would rather, there is a GoFundMe page on the Cat Blogosphere web-site where you can donate to Lucky Cat. Rest In Peace Pattie.

Thanks for joining us today. Have an easy Sunday.