I was contacted last week by a U.K. company, PowerTool World, and asked if I would like to share their infographic of DIY projects with my readers. With my recent posts about Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy, I thought the infographic would be the perfect accompaniment.

All of us have a goal of making our cats happy and giving them the best lives possible. That is what catification is all about. The completion of any of the eight fun projects outlined in the infographic can help you reach that goal. Projects are rated with one to three kittens to indicate difficulty level. Estimated length of time to complete a project is provided as well as a list of supplies and tools needed.

Here is your opportunity to make something truly pawsome for your puss(es) as a Christmas or Hanukkah gift. I am adding the window perch project to my To Do List as I already have two wooden trays from a previous project, plenty of fabric and the required tools. This project has just two kittens so I think with my crafting background I can manage it.

Let me know what projects you decide to undertake and share your results with us.

Power Tool World gathered their projects from a variety of other websites and their sources are listed at the bottom of the graphic.


Build your cat a better life - DIY Projects


Good luck and have fun!