Sunday Selfies: Week #157

Mom said I had to make this short. She’s pooped (tee hee…that’s a funny word for tired) from more Cat Scout activities, and she doesn’t want to type a lot. She actually said that I could ramble on as long as I want, but she probably wouldn’t type everything I said. MOUSES!

I didn’t do a very good job with my selfie, so I took a second one. The second one wasn’t much better. They are both blurry. Please accept my apologies. Mom should have saved these for Caturday Art.


Lisbeth's blurry selfies.


Now that you have seen my sweet but out-of-focus selfies, it is time to share yours with us. The link is below. Remember: All anipals are welcome, so feel free to invite friends, even un-domesticated ones. You may also wish to have the hop post on your blog If so, the code for that is below as well. Mom said that I should ask you to link to The Cat on My Head and/or display our selfies badge. Now that I have completed by Sunday Selfies duties, I want to fill you in on what is going to be happening around here this upcoming week.

Future Posts

We have lots of excitement coming your way. Kitties Blue will be reviewing a new brush as well as a new cat book, of which we will be giving away a copy. We also will celebrate Astrid’s and my six birthday. Mau and Cooper Murphy will join in with photos of craft projects and poems from Cat Scouts Summer Camp. All of this will be in addition to Wordless Wednesday, Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, Thankful Thursday, Friendly-Fill-Ins and Caturday Art.

The most exciting post will come one week from today. That’s when we will celebrate the third anniversary of our Sunday Selfies blog hop. Our first selfies post was August 17, 2014, and we had seven purrticipants. Now we average about 50 entries each week. Our very best week saw 67 selfies. All the Kitties Blue hope you’ll be here next Sunday as well as today.

Wowzers, I’m exhausted from just listing all of that! No wonder Mom wanted me to cut it short today! I fear, however, that I didn’t. Sorry, Mom!

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth