Cat Scout Trip to Philippines

Head shots of eight cats, entitled, "Cat Scouts 2014: Boracay Philippines.

Front (L-R): Raz, Sampson (Astrid’s boyfriend), Allie, Mau, Back (L-R): Sushi, Wally, Dezi, Sammy

Keeping up with efurrybuddys’ activities, especially when one of your kits is a Cat Scout can be quite challenging. Mau just returned from the Philippines where he vacationed with more than 30 other Scouts. Scout Sushi (the Scout who gave Mauricio his nickname of Mau) lives there, and with the help of Scout Sammy, planned this exotic trip. So before we share photos of Allie’s and Mau’s date today, Mau asked if he could share this photo from Boracay of him and some on his Scout friends.

Allie & Mau’s Colonial Williamsburg Date

After so much excitement and such a long trip, Mauricio wanted to plan something a little low-key for their date today. As Allie (Friends FurEver) is a Florida lady-cat, he thought it would be fun for her to come to Virginia and spend the day with him at Colonial Williamsburg. Mau selected some period costumes for them to enhance their experience. So without further ado, here’s a little photo diary of their date.


Two cats (tuxie and Birman) in period costumes in front of Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Palace.

Visiting the Governor’s Palace.


Two cats (tuxie and Birman) in period costumes in front of Colonial Williamsburg in front of horse drawn carriage.

After their Carriage Ride


Two cats (tuxie and Birman) in period costumes in front of Colonial Williamsburg Kings Arms Tavern.

King’s Arms Tavern where the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner.


Two cats (tuxie and Birman) in Colonial Williamsburg King's Arms Tavern.

They decided to ditch their costumes during dinner.


The final event for the day, which they agreed to share, was an evening of chamber music at Bruton Parish Church. Mau says there might have been a little smooching at the end of the date, but he would never kiss and tell.


Two cats (tuxie and Birman) in formal attire of the period in front of Colonial Williamsburg Bruton Parish Church.

Allie and Mau donned formal attire for the concert.

Astrid & Sampson’s Date

Image 7Mau and Allie aren’t the only ones sharing a special date today. Astrid has a date with her adorable boyfriend, Sampson, from Kitty Cat Chronicles. She asked to be surprised, but Mom Emily shared a few photos with me. I think she is going to be a very happy kitty. Here’s a peek at their date. To see more, click on their photo.

I am so happy for both Astrid and Mauricio. It isn’t easy to find your soulmate. Their dad and I were particularly lucky to have found each other. And as a happy coincidence, we are celebrating our 41st Anniversary today.

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