Being brought up as a good, part-Irish, Catholic, young lady, my mother instilled in me the need to feel guilty about everything! So, I realized that the very beautiful award that the kitties made for me, and which I passed on, left out way too many of our bloggy friends. With this in mind, I created a badge to commemorate the day. If you came by to visit that day or in the subsequent days and are so inclined to display such things, here it is. Even if you received the Multi-Cat Blog Award, you are welcome to display this as well.


My mother also taught me to say please and thank you. So, here is a GIANT-SIZED THANK YOU to all who did stop by. Your comments were so complimentary and encouraging that I know I must continue to write about all of our past, current and future felines. As another way to say thank you, either the kitties or I have responded individually to each comment. I normally do not do this, but thought this occasion warranted me telling each of you how much I appreciate you. Of course, as I have been hogging the computer, this has left the kitties terribly behind on commenting on all of your posts. They do continue to make the rounds as best they can and ask you to forgive them if they miss a day or two.

The glassy-eyed stare of Lily Olivia after indulging in a little too much of the nip.

Lily Olivia gives her dad a glassy-eyed stare after indulging in a little too much of the nip.

Now on to the pawty report.

Prior to everyone arriving, we had a few quality assurance checks to perform. As Lily is not much of a pawty animal, she volunteered to check out the nip.

The nip wasn’t the only thing tested prior to the arrival of our guests. Just about all of the meowmates had to try out their newest toy: Cat’s Meow. (By the way, this is the prize that will be awarded to one of those giving me the name(s) of legitimate multi-cat blog(s) that I had overlooked. A few more goodies will be added.)

Fiona demonstrates her agility during her final pre-party toy check.

Fiona demonstrates her agility during her final pre-party toy check. (Sorry for the blurry photo…cat in motion.)

The kitties and I stumbled onto another multi-cat blog a couple of days ago. They have nine stunning kitties and the blog is called, Catmumdo. They are another blog from the U.K. I let them know that they were entitled to the award, and they nicely left us a comment on the blogoversary post. Of course, my greedy kitties wanted to know if that entitled them to a contest entry. In one word, “NO!” A word they claim not to understand.

Calista Jo tries to sweet talk the squirrel into joining the pawty goers inside the catio.

Calista Jo tries to sweet talk the squirrel into joining the pawty goers inside the catio.






Besides playing with the Cat’s Meow and other toys and donning some of Sammy’s (onespoiledcat) special costumes which he generously brought along to the party, we had a floor show. No self-respecting blogoversary should be without a floor show. An indulging squirrel agreed to perform with the promise of extra sunflower seeds. Though the photos did not turn out very well as he was steadfast in his demand that he must remain outside the catio, the kitties still begged me to share one.

I had absolutely no idea how much kitties like bacon, as I have never served it to any of my cats past or present. As I pretty much spent all day in the kitchen cooking the bacon, I have decided that for next year’s blogoversary pawty I will roast a pig (or two if necessary). Maybe we’ll have a luau theme next year.

On to the prizes. I know that’s why most of you are here today.

The winner of the Grand Prize Cat’s Meow as selected by is: Cathy Keisha from Stunning Keisha. With only four entries and Cathy Keisha having two (one she suggested was disqualified for not posting since November 2012), her chances of winning were pretty good.

The others who were in this drawing were Sparkle the Designer Cat and Team Tabby. As neither one won the Grand Prize, each was placed in the drawing for the second prize.

The winner of the random drawing from all those who left a comment prior to midnight the 24th (determined by is: Banjo at Corner of a Cat’s Mind. Banjo will have to wait until his prize arrives to see what he gets.

The multi-cat blogs suggested for our blogoversary award were:

Cheshire Loves Karma  The Bassie Bulletin  Mickey’s Musings ♥ Pikku Punapippuri Catmumdo 

I am currently working on notifying the new recipients of the Multi-Cat Blog Award as well as the prize winners.

Thanks so much to all the kitties who attended our pawty and all who entered our drawing by leaving a comment. The kitties and I are blessed to have made so many friends in the past year. Please don’t forget to take your badge.