Sunday Selfies: Week # 118

Today is a very special Sunday Selfies post. I am sharing selfies that my dad helped me take yesterday. They were snapped in the car right after we returned home from The Blessing of the Animals. Sponsored by our veterinarian, Vinton Veterinary Hospital, it took place outside at the Vinton (Virginia) War Memorial. And I was the only Kitty Blue who attended. In fact, I was the only kitty who attended. Before I tell you more, here are my two selfies.


Blessing of the Animals 2016


A couple of days ago, Mom got an e-mail from the vet with info about this event. Some of our kitty friends, like Allie, Ellie and Raz and their predecessors (Friends Furever), go to a Blessing of the Animals every year. It is not an event, however, that is held very often in our area. Because of this, neither I nor my fursibs had ever attended one. Mom would have liked to take all of us, but that would have been overwhelming.

With my health continuing to fail, Mom knew she didn’t want to miss the opportunity for me to attend. So I was packed up into the Sleepypod and away we went. When we arrived, Mom and Dad transferred me to the WackyPaws pet sling that Mom Emily and Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) gifted to Astrid. I’d never been in it before, so my humans didn’t know how accepting I’d be. They were pleasantly surprised.


Blessing of the Animals 2016


It was a cool but brightly sunny day, and we were outside for about 45 minutes. I remained totally calm the entire time, even when Dr Neel’s dog was whining and barking at me. I recognized so many faces and voices from the vet’s office, so nothing scared me. Sometimes I pulled my head completely inside the sling and hunkered down. That’s due to the sun being in my eyes. I was never frightened.

There was a group blessing, and I got an individual blessing.

On Tuesday I have my monthly CKD check. I have not been eating as much as I should so my weight will probably be down again. Mom says she’s not going to make me have a complete blood panel as my numbers really aren’t important anymore. I will continue on my medications and five-day-per-week subQ fluids as long as I am happy, not in any pain and still enjoying lap time and sun puddles on the catio.

I’d be happy to continue to receive your purrs, prayers and POTP, however, if you don’t mind.

Cat4-001So this is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. It would make me so happy if you would join me here and invite your friends as well. Last week, we had our smallest turnout since January 2015. My fursibs and I have our paws crossed that this is not a trend. We so love having our current friends join us each week, and we love making new friends.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona