So we thought it was time for a reminder about our upcoming birthday on the 17th. Misty May and Mauricio will be turning nine years old, and Mom is planning something special. She hasn’t told us what it is yet but said we could give you a hint by posting this graphic.

We have no idea what this means, but maybe some of you will. We don’t think it means we are serving bacon. Sorry Sammy! There was that big confusion about beans the last time we mentioned our birthdays, so maybe we are serving pork and beans.

We don’t think it has anything to do with us getting new toys ’cause it looks like the money is going in the pig, not coming out. Phooey!

And if she were giving away green papers, why would she be putting them in the bank?

It is a conundrum for sure. But Mom says she is not going to make you guess and has promised us that if you come back on Sunday, she will tell you exactly what’s going to happen on our birthday. It just better be darn good after all this hype. And she better not disturb us. ‘Cause you all know what we kitties do on Sundays: Take it EASY as opposed to the other days of the week when we merely nap intermittently.

So, we’ll see you on Sunday with the big announcement. That will give everybody, who hasn’t done so already, two days to let all their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors know to drop by our birthday blog.

P.S. – An apology: Most of you have probably noticed that we have gotten way behind with visiting and commenting. The humans went away again, and Mom wasn’t here to poke, prod and bribe us to do our job.

Purrs and Hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo