Sunday Selfies: Week #188

Today Giulietta and our special angel, Fiona, celebrate their eighth birthday. Fiona left us almost 16 months ago, but as long as sis Giulietta is alive, we will celebrate Fiona as well. Giulietta snapped 23 selfies and was pretty miffed at me that I made her take that many, but she’s not great at looking at the cell phone. I’ll share the final photo later in this post. It’s a doozy. But first here is the gorgeous birthday girl.


Giulietta's Birthday Selfie


Of course, Fiona was unable to send a new selfie from the RB, but she too needs a birthday “card,” so I made her one from a photo taken before she got sick.


Angel Fiona's Birthday Selfie


Our resident baker, Cat Scout Mau, made a cake for the girls. We hope you’ll join us for a piece of cake and some champagne.



Remembering a Friend

Before hopping Kitties Blue and I want to honor and remember a super sweet woofie, who now has her wings. Maggie was an adorable and energetic Rack Russell Terrier who lived with my dear friend, Mary Jane, her husband, Kevin, and their daughters, Emily and Amelia. In her photo she is posing with a Christmas ornament I gave her a few years ago.


Time to Hop

Now it’s time for you to share your selfie with all of us. If you are new to hopping or just need a refresher course to enter our hop, here are some pointers.

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Giulietta’s Outtake Selfie

Giulietta's Outtake Selfie