Sunday Selfies: Week #494

Today we have a guest host.


Cooper's hawk selfie


This is a Cooper’s hawk, and no, it does not belong to our Cooper Murphy. That is its actual name. This hawk was named by Charles Bonaparte in 1828 after William Cooper, who collected the specimens that were used to describe the species. An adult Cooper’s hawk is from 14 to 21 inches long, with a wingspan of 27 to 36 inches.

This one was sitting on our back fence when Dad Tom snapped his photo. I am certain he was scoping out all the birds and small critters that inhabit our yard. I am happy all the Kitties Blue were safely ensconced in the catio and house. We often see hawks in our area.

I thought it was interesting that s/he was standing on just one leg. Maybe he thought that’s how one joins our blog hop. MOL! Speaking of hopping…

It’s Now Your Turn

That’s right, we are expecting you to not only visit us but also to post a selfie and link to our hop. You have through Thursday to do just that, so please don’t let Kitties Blue down. Though none of them are here today, they will be looking for your selfie.

Thanks for visiting us today. Have a meowvolous and easy Sunday.